Easy Halloween Look 1 - Skeleton Face


Last year I made three make-up looks using only three types of make-up. This year I upgraded to four types of make-up, but I've only attempted two looks - this one, and another to come this week. I also have a little confession to make... this was my second attempt, and my camera battery died as soon as I'd finished my make-up, so the finished photo was taken on my not-so-good phone camera. But here we go...

So this year I went with the MUA black eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, white eyeliner pencil, and red lipstick.  There wasn't a reason I went for all MUA, except that it was the cheapest I could find in Superdrug. 

First, I used the black eyeshadow to colour in a round patch around both my eyes, including up to my eyebrows and underneath my eyes. When you've coloured the areas in you can smudge them slightly at the edges with your finger. 

Next use the black liquid eyeliner to paint the nose shape on your nose. For mine I just drew two triangle shapes going up from the tip of my nose and covered the end. U wanted it to look a little less sharp, so I used the eyeshadow to add some shading around the edges, just dabbing it on lightly.

For the mouth I drew two lines, one either side of my mouth, up to my hairline with the black eyeliner, and drew some vertical little lines through them to make teeth. I also coloured in my lips slightly to make sure the line was continued through. 

And finally, I drew some lines on my forward coming down from my hairline. To make them look like cracks I added some of the white eyeliner over the top of the lines. 

And this is the final look. It literally took me less than 15 minutes to complete this look, and with the make up I used, it cost me less than £5. Look out for my second easy make up look, which will be up later this week, and hopefully a pumpkin carving post! It's Halloween soon people, I'm so excited!

Until next time, 

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