Dealing with a Hangover


Mid-week hangovers are THE WORST, as I'm quickly remembering now that I'm back at uni. They get you in with the cheap weekday student nights, but the cheap nights lead to grim morning-afters. Today, for example, I have a tummy ache, I feel like my insides are still drunk, and I nearly fell asleep in my 9am lecture... although, the fact that I even made it to the 9am lecture in the first place is a miracle! For all you freshers, uni students and party animals, here's my go-to's for when I'm nursing a hangover... and I'm doing them all right now!

1. Have a shower when you wake up
Get this over and done with when you first wake up, and you'll feel so much better for it! Last night you were probably hot, covered in make-up and hair products (I'm a back-comber, so my hair is always crazy by this point anyway), and I can guarantee that, no one knows how it happens, but you have muddy or dirty feet (right?!). Get yourself all clean and ready for a fresh new day!

2. Eat bad food
I'm currently waiting for my dominoes delivery to arrive, and I cannot wait! Today's choice is a half-and-half pizza (margherita and vegi-supreme with added chicken strips) and Fiery chicken nuggets. Yum yum!

3. Drink water
Boring advice, but honestly, even if it doesn't actually help me, I always feel like I'm doing something that my body will thank me for later! I try to have a glass of water with me all day while I'm mooching around the house, and force myself to keep taking sips from it. Downing is usually too much, and brings back memories from the Malibu-downing the night before, so just sips suit me fine!

4. Make yourself a nest
You're feeling rough, so you deserve a cosy nest to coop up in all day. I pull my duvet right up to my headboard on my bed, put my pillows and cushions on top, and sit in the middle of it all with my furry throw over me.

5. Wear something loose
If you have a tummy ache, or you're feeling a bit hot and bothered, the last thing you need is a pair of skinny jeans and a tight t-shirt. I go for a pair of loose leggings and a baggy, comfy jumper. Not too tight, but still cosy enough to curl up in.

6. Cuddle a hot water bottle
If you have a tummy ache cuddle a hot water bottle. This is good advice for any sort of tummy ache, and the first thing I do if I'm feeling poorly.

7. Open your windows
Let some fresh air in, you'll feel so much better for it. Don't worry if it's cold, you have your hot water bottle, and if you feel like you need a little more fresh air go and sit on your doorstep for a little while.

8. Avoid Facebook
It's too soon to see the photos from the night before yet - give yourself a chance to recover before you remind yourself of the awkward dancing and sweatiness of the club last night!

9. Pay your housemates a visit
My favourite part of the morning after is running into my housemate's room, who is usually feeling about the same as I am at this point, and having a catch up of what went on last night. We have a good laugh about the stupid things we did, and it gives me a little bit of a distraction from feeling grim for a while.

10. Watch something easy, non-shouty, and without bright colours
I usually go for a Pixar film, something that's easy but isn't going to be shouting at me through the screen or brightly coloured enough to hurt my head. Although, having said that, a favourite of mine to watch is always Stardust. I watch it whenever I've had a 'not-so-good' night, and the ending gives me a reason to have a little cry... anyway!

11. Write today off
Don't try to be ambitious with your day. You're not going to write an amazing essay, or tidy your room spotless today. That's not what today is about. Today is about feeling crappy and feeling sorry for yourself. Make the most of it!

12. A cup of tea...
I'm a big believer that a cup of tea can work miracles! When you're tired of drinking water, switch to a cup of tea. You'll feel like you're getting back to normal, and it's a bit of flavour that doesn't involve anything you drank from the night before.

And that's my advice for a hangover day. I hope none of you are feeling like I am today, I feel absolutely grim! No more Malibu's for me for a while...

Well... until next Wednesday anyway...

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