A Typical Uni Wednesday


I haven't really felt totally immersed in uni life for a while, what with being on placement year last year, but this year is my final year and it feels great. As sad as it sounds, I'm really enjoying being back in study mode, but having my nights out and rowing training as little breaks. Uni days are just so chilled and full of things to do, so I thought it'd be nice to blog my average Wednesday at uni... mainly because Wednesday is my busiest day, but who doesn't love a hump-day treat...?

Wednesday morning is training morning. This means I wake up at half past five in the morning, throw on a lycra onesie, and head down to the river for a row. And everyone says a student's life is lazy! 

I'm lucky enough to have Wednesdays off of uni, which means I can scrabble back from rowing and have a proper breakfast before heading to the library. This week was a bit of a special treat breakfast, as I had a bottle of pancake mix that needed using up. Breakfast was three pancakes (plain, unfortunately, I'd run out of lemon and sugar) and an orange for pudding. 

After breakfast I head into uni with my housemate. We're on the same course, which means we often have the same lectures. 

As I said, Wednesday's are our day off from lectures, but we usually head into the library anyway to do some reading and essay-writing. When we get in early (and when I sometimes meet Izzy at uni straight from rowing), I treat myself to a breakfast at uni, like a croissant or a sausage sandwich. Obviously this morning I didn't have to worry about that, thanks to the pancakes and orange.

And Wednesday means another thing in Bournemouth... student night! Wednesday nights are the cheap night out for students, and we all head out to Cameo. This week hasn't happened yet, but last Wednesday it was a house night out for us. 

And straight from that into Thursday, which usually consists of a more hungover, less study-motivated Katy. (Check out my hangover post from last week here!)

Wednesday are my favourite day of the weekdays (obviously not including weekends!). I get to row, I don't have to go to any lectures, and I get a bit of a party out of it. 

And I thought hump day was supposed to be the hard day ;)

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