Thursday: Lazy Day in my Room


I woke up late again this morning, and decided against going to the gym. The weather was really on and off, one minute it looked like a storm was brewing, and the next it looked like a summer day. So I popped in to town for a little bit, just to run a few errands, and to pick myself up a Strawberry and Watermelon Fruit Cooler before they disappear off the Summer Menu. 

I had no jobs to do, and was finished in town by lunch time, so I headed back home and had a yummy (and childish) lunch of southern fried chicken and spicy wedges. Yum yum! Can you guess which kids film I watched while I ate? 

I watched one of my favourite kiddie films, The Road to El-Dorado! The soundtrack alone is amazing!

After that I didn't really feel like doing much else, so I made myself a hot chocolate for pudding, and put on Gossip Girl. By the end of today I only have one episode left, so it'll all be over for me by tomorrow! What should I watch next, any suggestions? 

I was devastated this year when I realised that my bike had rusted up where it had been left outside all last year. It wasn't rideable, which made me really sad. But, luckily, my dad took a look at it, and now it's back up working again. So, to test it out I cycled to my dad's tonight, rather than walking or taking my car. I had a bit of a bikey day, I fixed the speedometer thing on it from my old bike, and a new helmet that fits my massive head arrived in the post, so it was a great day for Katy! 

That's it from me for today, a very lazy day indeed! Depending on the weather, I'm hoping to get a bit further away from home on the bike tomorrow, but we shall see. 

Tomorrow is the last day of the weekly blogs, so I'll try to make it a good one to finish up on. 


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