#TBT: Advice I'd Give my Fresher-Self


It was three years ago that I was heading to uni, all mousey and nervous, ready to meet my new housemates and start my uni life. It was exciting, terrifying, and all brand new, all at the same time. Since then, I've met some of my best friends, found a sport that I'd never considered before, and had amazing nights out that I'd only seen on sitcoms and films. If I could go back and do it all again, I totally would! But, I'd have a few bits of advice for myself, and for all the new freshers getting ready to head to uni now... 

1. Never say no to a party
Even if you're feeling tired or not into it. Some of my best nights have been surprise ones that I didn't want to go to. Go along, and if it's rubbish you can always head home. 

2. Meet everyone you can
Make friends with as many people as possible. You meet some amazing people at uni, and everyone has different backgrounds and stories. Sounds lame, but it's interesting the amount of people you can meet at uni, especially if you're living in student halls. 

3. Join a society early on
I waited until my second year at uni to do this, and I regret not doing it sooner. Most of my uni friends are through rowing, and I would have less than half of the nights out that I have if I wasn't in a society. 

4. Use first year wisely 
First year, despite what they say, is important study wise. But use it as your year to have fun. My advice is to go to all the nights out you can to size up the clubs and bars that you like, then when it comes to second year you know where to head and on what nights. After your fresher year it'll probably get more studious, so make the most of having a more chilled first year. Don't stress!

5. Pack lot's of decorations for your room 
If you're in student halls for your first year, it's going to be a little room that's probably very cute, but also very basic. Take whatever you can to make it your own space. I went armed with fairy lights, bunting, postcards and posters. 

I can't wait to go back to uni for another, and final, year. I'm so excited, and this throwback to my freshers days has made me even more eager to go back! Could you guess which one in the photos is me? 

Night night,

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