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Well well well, it's not been a busy time on the blogging front for a while now, and I decided today that it was time (while I'm sat here watching the X-factor and getting ready for my delicious roast dinner) to sit down with Katy Louise, and have a think of what to do next! I'd been using my normal day-to-day diary to try and plan my posts for the week, but it was getting confusing and messy. So I treated myself to a new little diary today just for blog post planning, and it's adorable! It's from WHSmith and you can find it here

Tomorrow's big task is to plan out my posts for the next few weeks, and to make a note of what I need to do in prep for each week beforehand. It's the new, more organised me! Plus! Hopefully there's a week-long project coming soon, so keep an eye out for that. 

So, fingers crossed there'll be more posts to come over the near future! I've got a lot planned, it's just making sure it comes through.

Thank you for understanding,and I'll see you guys soon!

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