Friday: The Final Diary


I shared this photo yesterday, but I had to add it to this post again today because of my day. Having got my bike back up and running yesterday, I decided to give it a proper test run today. I woke up early (for me!) and headed to my Granny's house on my bike. It's quite a nice little route along the country roads, and there's a massive hill in the middle to challenge you, but it all makes for good cycling. 

The first thing my Granny always does when we arrive is give us an updated tour of her garden. It's lovely at the moment, so many brightly coloured flowers, and bumble bees buzzing around everywhere. Gardens are great. I find myself loving plants more and more (as you may have noticed from my general theme through the blog decor). 

After cycling home again (making it a total of just under 20 miles in the day) I chilled for a bit and watched the last ever episode of  Gossip Girl! Guys! I was honestly so happy with the ending, but I am definitely not ready for it to end yet. I need more Gossip Girl in my life! (I tried another attempt at the last series of PLL, but I'm really struggling to get back into this time, which makes me really sad. I used to be obsessed with it, but I just can't be bothered with this series?)

I didn't blog it, but for dinner mum, Mic, and I went to a local steakhouse, The Moonrakers. Ther do delicious steaks, and I love it because they have one of those menus where you pick your steak, your side, your potato-type, and your sauce all seperately. So, our meals arrived, my sirloin steak with seasoned fries, corn on the cob, and peppercorn sauce, and Mic started to open the bottle of tomato sauce. Turns out it hadn't been opened for a while, so it exploded, went all over the walls, the lampshade, the table... and me and the people sat on the table behind us. I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard. 

So, after all that kerfuffle, I desperately needed to have a shower and hairwash to get all the remains of the ketchup out of my hair. I decided that, after my long cycle ride, I'd earned a little pamper evening. I had some profiteroles (which I was going to blog, but I ate before I could take a picture), lit a candle, and slapped on a face mask. I've had really bad skin at the moment, so it was nice to give it some attention at last. I went with a Grapefruit Glow Sauna Masque, which had grapefruit and kiwi in it and was self-heating.

And that was my day. And, that's also the end of the daily blog diaries. I can't believe I actually managed to keep up with blogging everyday, and didn't forget! I've really enjoyed it, and, although it's been a bit of a challenge to dedicate some time everyday to blogging, it's also felt really nice to not have to think too much or dedicate time for a photo shoot for each post. 

Thank you to everyone who'd followed my daily diaries, or anyone who stopped by to see what I'd done with my day. The point of this was to get myself back into blogging, and the views and fun I've had have totally made it a success for me. 

Blog-tober, here we come, 

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