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It wasn't long ago since I last did a haul, but when your student loan comes in, it's only right to dedicate a little bit of it to treating yourself! This round's treat-haul was Asos, and it was so hard to not spend more than I did! Check it out...

First I treated myself to a new pair of jeans. I've always wanted a pair of ripped blue jeans, but never actually taken the plunge and bought a pair. Today's the day folks, and here is my new pair of ripped blue jeans. These ones are high waisted, and cost £30. They're a little baggy around the top, but nothing a belt should sort out.

Next, I bought this cream cape jumper. Funny story, my housemate's Asos parcel arrived at the same time, and it turned out that we'd both bought the same one... great minds think alike! This is such a cosy jumper, and I already wore it to uni this afternoon. I love the cropped sleeves too, a great jumper for slouching.

I loved this black skirt with a zip up the front. I wanted a plain black skirt to wear with tights for the winter, but this one was so much more interesting with the zip. 

I already have a blue denim dungaree dress, and since I bought it I've nearly worn it out. I treated myself to a black one, so I can mix it up a bit from day to day. I'm loving this trend at the moment, I feel so girly, but dressed casual at the same time.

And finally, I bought this skater-style pop-up skirt. This is the item I'm more unsure about. It's a bit loose around the waist, and might possibly be a little bit too floaty and girly for me. Any opinions, please comment!  

And that's that for another haul. Hopefully it'll be a little bit longer until the next haul, my bank account isn't my friend at the moment! But we shall see...

Watch this space...

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