5 Places to Find Non-Tacky Hen Do (and party) Inspiration


You don't need an events management degree (sadly for me) to pull of a lovely hen do or party. When I started organising my bestie's hen do a few months ago, the first thing she said she wanted was 'Not Tacky!'. Looking online there was a hel of a lot of hen do shops filled with blow up willies, bright pink feather boas and liscense plates to wear... and this was not what Chelsea wanted. So, here's my list of top five places online that you can find hen do inspiration that isn't tacky... 

Party with Lenzo is an Instagram account that I discovered when I was looking for pretty party inspiration. Think floral, pink, girly, and generally pretty. It's such a cute little account, and you can also follow them on Snapchat for a double dose of inspiration. 

This was my f-a-v-o-u-r-i-t-e place to look for inspiration for the hen do, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for! They have incredible balloons and blow ups that are so cute! They inspired me with the decorations so much, the hang up pom-poms, the gold writing and the 'C' balloon. 

Okay, down to business! When I'd compiled in my head all my inspiration, this is what I found. Party Pieces had some lovely hen do  bits and bobs, and is where I actually started shopping for the extras. I bought the pom-pom bunting, the #party banner, and some glittery sprinkles for the goody bag table (which I couldn't find now). Looking back on the website for this post was so hard, I want to buy more! (So much to buy, no party to host!) 

4. Etsy
There's so many little places on Etsy where you can find cute party bits and bobs. Most things are handmade, and you can find a ton of things to personalize to get your hen do/party-goers a treat to take home. 

5. Pinterest
Aaaand, it wouldn't be a inspiration post without mentioning Pinterest. Obviously, being the Pinterest addict that I am, I had a hen do board going throughout the whole hen do planning process, and constantly switched it around, taking things off and adding new bits and bobs. 

I hope this blog gives you a couple of new places to look for party inspiration, if you ever need it. I'm going to have to switch off my laptop now to stop myself from spending a fortune on party decorations that I definitely don't need right now (that flamingo bunting though!). 

Until next time, 

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