June Favourites


I love watching monthly favourites videos on YouTube, I think they're my favourite vlogs to watch... maybe after GRWM's. Every month I come out of it not really thinking about it much, just ready to start another month, but this time I decided to make my own (short) list of monthly favourites, and make a little video to pop on my YouTube. This is the list in a bit more detail, but please feel free to visit my channel and check out my latest video. 

1. PLL
A new series of Pretty Little Liars came out on Netflix, and I am SO excited! They only bring out one episode a week, which is annoying, but my weekly dose of PLL is better than nothing! When I first started watching it I watched every episode in about a month, I was so obsessed, so it's probably best that I only have an hour of PLL time a week...

2. Watermelon Sweeties
I found these sweeties in Topshop, and thought they'd be a nice summery, sweet treat! I wanted to take the photo for the blog with the full packet, but unfortunately I was mugged, and they took them all... ahem, yeah, that was where all the sweets went :D Plus, they were only £1 for the pack, not too shabby. 

3. Lush Bath Wand
Okay, so this is a bit out of season, but I have a whole tin full of bath bombs and soaps and whatnot, and this was next on the list to be used. It's the Magic of Christmas Bubble Wand, and I love it. It smells great, and reminded me a little of Christmas, which was lovely, but also made me (and the bathtub) all glittery and sparkly. 

4. House of Marley Headphones
I made a boob, and stood on my Apple earphones a few weeks ago. I was really sad, because they were the only ones I could get on with... I can't seem to keep the earbud style ones in my ears, especially while I'm running. I went in HMV and spotted these, and fell in love with them! They're a lovely rose-goldy colour, and the sound through them is amazing! Plus, they stay on my head really well, so that's a bonus! 

5. Beach Running
June was finally a little bit sunny, and I made the most of it and headed down to the beach. My rowing training has ended for the Summer now that uni has finished, and I'm very aware that I don't want to let my fitness go to pot! So, I've been doing a few little fitness challenges that I've found on Pinterest, but have also tried to squeeze in two or three runs a week. I decided, for a change, to head to the beach for my run a few times, and it was a lovely treat! I don't run on the sand, but I run along the promenade, and it's great. And a nice little sit down on the beach after is nice too!

6. Profiteroles 
I've discovered that Lidl sell profiteroles for 67p. I know, I really wish I hadn't! Profiteroles are my FAVOURITE pudding, of all time! These come in a pack of two, and each one is a little pot with three profiteroles and a big dollop of chocolate sauce. They're the best!

And that's my June Favourites. As I said, please check out the video to go with this post on my YouTube channel (hopefully by this point I've added a link to the blog, but if not just search Katy Goodship). Here's to next month!

Night night,

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  1. Gorgeous post and blog! Love it :)
    xoxo Antonela


  2. Hi Libro, thank you! I'll take a look at your blog now! xx


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