Cornwall Diaries: Day 2 & 3


I have never been so hot in my life! It's been hitting 35 degrees here at points today, it's boiling! I even had a siesta this afternoon because it was too hot to do anything else! Crazy! I managed to get down to the club house of our campsite yesterday, but hadn't edited the photos from the day yet, so I've merged them together with today's post as well. I apologise for the lack of excitement, but, as I said, it's just been way too hot to do anything today!

Bikini (bottom and top): Primark

Mum and I plucked up a bit of courage and bought ourselves some wetsuits and bodyboards. We found them from a little local surfing shop in Bude, and immediately felt like imposters next to all the proffessional looking surfers with their proper boards. It was fun though, I enjoyed just floating around on the waves as much as gliding in on them.   

I thought I'd include a few photos of the caravans (or type of caravans) we're staying in. Ours is in a particularly un-picturesque position, so I took advantage of the beautiful twilight sky last night and got the camera out. How beautiful do these photos look?!

Today we headed into Bude again, just to get some bits for our picnic lunch (which we had in our cooler caravan in the end), so I took a few photos around and about the town. 

 And then back to the caravan for our siestas and afternoons of reading James Bond on my Kindle.

It's not been a very lively holiday blog-wise so far, but it's nice to get away for a while - not sure if I mentioned it already, but this is my first holiday in three years. So it's nice to take it a bit easy. 

It might be time for my second siesta of the day... and I'm starting to feel a bit awks as I'm using the wifi but haven't bought a drink. So, see you again some time!


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