Cornwall: Day 1


Thanks to studying, working and uni I haven't been on a holiday in three years! The closest thing to a holiday I've been on is Training Camp for Rowing... and let me tell you, that is no holiday! This week I finished my placement (look out for a blog post on that next week) and headed home for the Summer. Well, for a night, before the family jetted off to... Cornwall, in a Pegueot. I'm going to try to group together a few blog posts for this week, and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get down to the campsite's clubhouse to get to the wifi, but I'll give it a good go! For now, here's a few bits and pieces from day 1...

As soon as we arrived in our dinky, little caravan I made up my bed (with the garish bedding, I might add), and Jester immediately decided it was where he was going to sleep. Then we headed out on a nature walk... I don't think I had the right shoes for the job though...

I was much more at home in bare feet on the beach...

 We spent the rest of the day on the beach, which was lovely, until the sea mist came in, and you couldn't see a thing! It looked like a desert film set, lovely, but not a holiday scene. So we headed into Bude, the local town.


White Shoes: H&M
Denim Dungaree Dress: New Look
Cropped Blue Top: Topshop
Handbag: Accessorize 

That was the journey down and the first day of our Cornwall holiday. Today it's been super hot, and I haven't taken many photos (I may have left my SD card in my laptop at the caravan while I carried around a heavy camera all day! Grrrr), so I may try and bunch together a couple of days. 

Watch this space...

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