5 Summer Treats


My Summer holidays are officially here, I'm home from uni now and off on holiday today (when this post goes up I'll be midway to Cornwall in a car with mum, my step dad, my granny, and Jester-pooch. National Lampoon springs to mind...). I spent the whole of last night packing up my (rather large) suitcase, crying at Coronation Street (and I don't even watch it!) and charging up all my electronics, ready for my journey. I decided, seeing as it's been a hard year (naaw, poor Katy :P ) and Summer is now officially here for me, it was okay for me to treat myself to a few Summer treats...

1. Accessorize Handbag
I've been using the handbag I have now for nearly two years. The straps have stretched, the inside pocket fell out long ago, and there's holes where the clasp used to be. If you haven't looked at the Accessorize sale yet, I highly recommend it! This bag was originally £29.99, but I got it in the sale for £8.70! I'm a sucker for a bargain, and it's not just for Summer, this will see me through uni in September too. 

2. Flamingo Clips
I may have mentioned these before, but how cute are these?! I saw them in Waterstones and just had to treat myself to them. I haven't opened the packet yet, I'm saving them for my new uni room, but I'm so excited to use them. I'm planning to use them to stick some photos up to my fairy lights. I'll keep you updated in September. 

3. White Sandals
I wanted some new pumps to wear on my holiday, but I ran into these instead. I'm not usually a fan of white shoes, but I thought these were so cute, and they'd go with jeans, dresses, and my denim dungaree dress. These were from H&M and cost £12.99. I've fallen in love with these already!

4. High-Waisted Bikini
I had a major worry with this - I thought I'd ordered it next day delivery, so it would arrive in time for my holiday. But two days later, and a lot of worrying, and it turned out I'd selected standard delivery. Luckily, it arrived in the afternoon, just in time to be thrown in a suitcase. This is something new for me this year, a high waisted bikini. I'm curious to see how it looks, so you'll have to let me know what you think once I've posted a photo of it being worn. This one was a New Look one, but ordered through ASOS for £7.99.

5. Sunglasses Case
Every year I buy a new pair of sunglasses, and they get scratched, sandy, and ruined by the first day. This year, with my new handbag, I decided to spend a few pennies on a case for my sunglasses (I couldn't find a new pair of sunglasses in the end anyway, so now I have a lovely new case for my already scratchy sunglasses!). This is from H&M, and cost £3.99. It's a little expensive for what it is, but I really liked it, at first sight, and so though, sod it! Treat yourself, Katy! 

And that's 5 things that I've treated myself to this Summer (so far). Have you found any last minute Summer must haves that you couldn't resist? 

Next week I'm in Cornwall, and I'm not sure what the internet situation is going to be, so I may be a little on the quiet front. Stay tuned,

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