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The other day I had a big sort out in my room, and part of that sort out was my beauty box. So, basically I have my make up bag, which is my everyday make up that I use, my little white box, which is nail varnishes and spare eye shadows, and then my beauty box, which is my other essentials, and that's what I'm going to share in today's post. I've not included everything, there's a lot of boring, necessary things in there, but I just included some of my favourites and more fun bits and bobs. So here we go...

Batisse Dry Shampoo
I always make sure to have a can of dry shampoo handy, just in case I wake up and my hair isn't on fleek, or if I'm in a rush and don't have time to wash it. My current fave is 'Floral and Fruity Blush' by Batisse. It smells like Summer and flowers, how lovely.

Cotton Wool Balls
I use these to put cream on my face before I go to bed, and I prefer to use them than my hands because they're so soft on the skin. They're also really cheap, and handy to have around.

Rimmel Instant BB Tan
This has been my fake tan of choice since I was about 19, and I haven't budged away from Rimmel yet. It's really well priced, and, as long as you rub it in properly, it gives good instant coverage without having to give it any after care. When I was a fresher at uni, I used to go mad tanning my legs, always miss out the backs of my knees, and look completely weird with dark brown legs, and pale everything else.

Simple Face Wipes
These are an old favourite as well, I always end up going back to these Simple Face Wipes. They always remind me of cucumbers, and cucumbers are refreshing and feel so good for you. And I find sometimes that using wet wipes hurts my face, like it stings if I have spots or scratches or anything, but these ones don't, they're really gentle on your skin.

False Nails
Being a nail biter, it's important to keep some false nails at the ready in case I'm invited on a fancy night out or a posh doo (not that it happens a lot). I don't wear fake nails a lot, but I love it when I do. These ones are Finishing Touches, from Superdrug, and I haven't tried these ones yet, but if they're the same ones I used for last year's Annual Dinner, then I'm happy.

Boots Facial Hair Removal Cream
I suffer from super bushy eyebrows - I inherited them from my Grampy, who had the most impressive eyebrows I've ever seen. I use this hair removal cream to tidy them up every now and then, just in the middle, and at the edges. It works wonders, and comes with a great Moisturising Finishing Cream to put on afterwards.

Baylis and Harding Royale Bouquet Hand and Body Lotion
I love the scent of this cream. It's Lemon Blossom and White Rose, and it's gorgeous! I didn't buy this cream, I came about it by a stroke of luck. I was helping my then-boyfriend to move out of his student house, and his housemates (who were a little bit throw-away-y, if you get what I mean - they'd throw anything away rather than have to carry it to the car) had put a big rubbish bag full of bathroom products by the door for him to throw away. Me being me, I had a root around in the bag, and came away with several usual products, including this hand cream. Lucky, thrifty me! 

Lush Charity Hand Cream
More hand cream - I don't usually use a lot of hand cream, as I like my hands to be hard skinned for rowing. But this cream I like to use on my face, after I've taken my make up off at night. It's Lush's charity cream, and you can choose which charity your money goes to when you pick which pot you buy. I chose 'RhiNOremedy', which is a charity tackling rhino poaching through education in Vietnam. 

Lint Roller
Anyone who owns a furry pet will understand that this is a must-have! Jester is so fluffy, and his fur gets everywhere, even when I'm at uni somehow. I keep a lint roller, which is basically back-to-front sellotape on a stick, handy for if I'm covered in fur before going out. This one's from H&M. 

Face Masks
Sometimes the mood hits me, or I've had a particularly hard day, or I just fancy a face mask. I always keep a couple of spare masks for this. At the moment I'm using Montagne Jennesse masks from Wilkinsons, in 'Prickly Pear Peel Off', and 'Grapefruit Glow Sauna Masque' which is self-heating. 

Dead Sea Natural Mineral Body Lotion
I suffer from Psoriasis on my elbows when I'm stressed, and it's so annoying. It's itchy and sore and I have so many different creams and lotions for it that are just sticky and irritating. My mum gave me this cream after she heard that it was good for exzema and psoriasis, and it's lovely. It's just like a normal body lotion, so it's not sticky or irritating, and it really does help to soothe the skin and stop the itching. Not sure where she bought it from, but if you'd like to know leave a comment and I'll ask. 

FCUK Body Butter
This is pure indulgence. When I'm in full on pamper mode this comes out. It was a present a couple of years ago, and I've managed to make it last this long by only using it as a treat occasionally. Plus, it smells so strong you can't put too much on, otherwise it's like spritzing on too much perfume. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, there are lots of other bits and bobs in my big Beauty Box that were too boring to share, but let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this. 

Love ya, 

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