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 I'll be at Summer Ball when you're reading this, wearing a straw hula-girl skirt, a coconut bra covered in flowers, and sipping a Malibu and coke.... and hopefully not being rained on by this point. Hopefully the sun is shining and it's a perfect day to kit up and head out in to the garden for a stretching session. This was me last Sunday, and I thought I'd share the workout I used with you. This stretch workout is taken from a Fitness Blender workout video.

Start with a Hamstring Stretch, keeping your legs straight and bending at the waist. If you want to feel a stretch in your shoulders too, bend your arms over your head and let gravity pull them down. Hold this for 20 seconds.

Move into a Downward Dog, keeping your legs straight, heels on the ground, and pushing your chest towards the ground, as much as is comfortable. Hold this for 20 seconds.

Extend your right leg up in the air into a Leg Extension. Keep your leg straight, and hold for 10 seconds.

 Bend the leg that's extended at the knee, so you feel the stretch in your butt. Hold this for 10 seconds. Repeat the downward dog and leg extension for the other leg, and relax.

Move down into a modified pigeon pose, but crossing one of your legs underneath yourself and, keeping your other leg straight, lean forward on the bent leg as low down to the ground as is comfortable. Hold this for 20 seconds. 

Move into a pigeon twist, by sitting up and holding your previously extended leg. Only bend it as much as is comfortable and hold for 20 seconds. Twist your shoulders around, and keep your posture strong. Switch sides. 

Change in to a plank calf stretch. Position yourself in a plank position and lift one of your legs on to the calf of your other leg. Push your heel down in to the ground as much as you can so that you feel the stretch in the straight leg. Hold for 10 seconds, and swap sides. 

On to a cobra and child's post combo, holding each move for 3 seconds and repeating the sequence 3 times. The first move is the cobra. Lay flat on the floor and, with you hands at the bottom of your ribcage, and press yourself up. Tilt your head up. If you can't extend your arms straight, keep them a little bit bend, just make sure it's comfortable and doesn't strain too much. 

The second move is child's pose. From the cobra position, keeping your hands where they were, press yourself back on to your heels, feeling the stretch in your arms. 

Position yourself in downward dog for 20 seconds, moving about until you find a comfortable position. 

Sit with your legs spread as far apart as you can and, sitting up straight, reach from foot to foot, holding at each side for a split second. Move up, in a slow motion, and reach for the other foot. 

Reach for each foot six times, completing a total of six reps. 

Bend your left leg into your groin, and extend your other leg out straight. Reach down, and try and touch your extended foot. Hold for 20 seconds, and switch sides (in the video there is another stretch here, but I don't really know how to make it feel like it's stretching, so I left it out)

Bring your feet in as close to you as you can and, sitting up straight, use your leg muscles to pull your knees as close to the floor as you can. This is the butterfly stretch, hold it for 20 seconds.

Lay on your back, and move in to a deep glute stretch. Bend one of your legs over the knee of the over one. Pull your leg from behind the knee, and hold for 20 seconds. Stretch both sides. 

This is an advanced move, and if it hurts or you can't do it, don't force yourself (I don't hold it for the full 20 seconds that you're supposed to). Place your hands and feet on the ground, and press yourself up in a backbend (or crab as we used to call it). 

And finish with a full body stretch. Lay flat on the ground with your arms and legs stretched out. When you inhale, arch your back and let your limbs rest. When you exhale, stretch out your arms and legs as far as you can. Repeat three times. 

And that's my favourite stretching routine. I try to do this once a day, just to give my body a good stretch after training. I hope you're enjoying your Saturday as much as I hopefully am. Look out for the photos, and if you want to keep up to date with my Summer Ball feel free to add my Snapchat - katygoodship.

Until next time, 

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