Summer Make Up Look - My First YouTube Video!


Big news! Yesterday I filmed my first video for YouTube, my Summer 2016 Make Up Look. I just wanted to make a quick video to test what it was like, see if it was something I could do... and I really enjoyed it! I haven't quite worked up enough courage yet to talk in my videos, and I'm not sure if it's something that I'll take on 'full-time', but I did have really good fun making it - and learnt a few of my mannerisms that I didn't know about. 

Let's just take a moment to appreciate my set up for filming. My bedroom recycling bin, my blogging notepad with the camera on, and a cactus to weigh it down so it doesn't topple over. Such a professional... 

The video was my Summer Make Up Look, and these are all the bits of make up that I used for the look. I tried to keep it simple, there's no eyeliner in there. Also, the lip gloss on the end wasn't used in the look in the end. 

This was the final look. I used bronzer for eyeshadow, from my new Kate for Rimmel Contour Palette, which I've already fallen in LOVE with! It's really well priced, and has a bronzer, blusher, and highlighting powder all in one. 

Think the vlogging background is going to need some work! 

Patiently waiting for my video to be edited (by a very amateur me) and uploaded onto YouTube, while having my random dinner. I went for a corn on the cob and green beans combo, with a pizza, which I burnt badly - grumpy Katy! 

I'll try and upload the video onto here separately, but I remember how much trouble I had last time, so it may just be a link in a blog post! If you'd like to check it out before that, please do! Check it out here... Summer Make Up Look 

Leave a comment, give it a like, and hopefully there'll be more videos to come soon! 

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