Fancy a 12 Mile Hike?


I thought I'd squeeze in a quick post while I wait for the lovely take away man to bring me my lovely take away (chicken nuggets, wedges, and corn on the cob from Chickie One tonight, in case you were curious). 

I had not your average Thursday today. I work in a charity office, so most of my days are spent sat at my desk planning exciting events, but today my office buddy, Helena, and I were invited to a 12-mile walk to fundraise money for us and another charity. 

Well, you've got to treat yourself after a 12-mile hike, right? This was also my first ever Cornish Pasty. It was delish!

 This was just a quick little post tonight. I've been super busy this week with Henley training and sorting out an event, as well as getting ready for my Summer Ball and the Colour Run, which are both this weekend! Phew!

I hear a take away man...

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