Summer Bucket List


It's not long now until my placement ends, and I make the most of my last Summer as a student, before I have to get a real job and wave goodbye to the Summer Holidays. Insert sad face emoji here. So it only seemed right to go ahead and make myself a Summer 2016 Bucket List, filled all with things to do before the end of the summertime. 

1. Eat my weight in Magnums
I'll confess... I had my first Magnum of the Summer today. I bought it for my walk home from Sainsbury, as you do, and the cashier lady was packing my bag for me and said, "I'll pop your lolly on the top for you!" She knew it wouldn't make it to the end of the street without being ripped open. She knew. 

2. Have a pitcher of Pimms
What's a British Summer without Pimms, fruit and all? 

3. Go on a Summer Holiday
I think Bude is on the radar for the family hol this year... 

4. Do a Colour Run
Okay, so this is a bit of a cheaty one, you know I'm already all booked in for my colour run. But it's made it on to the list as well, just to make sure I do it! 

5. Eat a burger that's been cooked on a BBQ

6. Keep my fitness up
I train in some way everyday when I'm at uni, thanks to rowing, but when I'm at home I don't have the squad or the training plan with me. I'm going to be coming back to rowing in September, and I am determined to keep my fitness up over the holidays this year, so it's not so hard to get back into when I get back... plus, that bikini body, right? 

7. Wear a bikini on the beach

8. Eat healthy
I feel like it's a lot easier to eat healthy in the Summer than in the Winter, but I want to keep on top of it. Lot's of salads and veggies, and lot's of fruity smoothies. Mmmm, mmm! 

9. Go to a festival/Summer Ball
I've got my ticket for our uni Summer Ball, so hopefully I'll use it - it's the day before the colour run, which was probably a bum move on my part!

10. Get a tan
A real tan! Not a spray tan or sun bed tan... and definitely no Rimmel, however good they may be. 

11. Swim in the sea
Or dip my toes in if it's chilly-willy!

12. Try vlogging
Yes, bring back 'Katy Tries....', and have a little go a vlogging. I'm not sure that it would be a talking blog, at least not to begin with, but it would be interesting to try making a vlog of a day out or something. We shall see, watch this space. 

13. Catch up with all my home buddies
I don't get to see my home buddies a lot, being in Bournemouth all the time, so when I'm home it's really important to me to meet up with everyone and catch up on all the goss that I've missed. 

And, yeah, I think that's it for now. I may think of more things I want to add, so if I do I'll add those later. What would you add, what are your summer plans? 

Bring on Summer!

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