Colour Run Prezzies (So Nice!)


I announced a few posts ago that I'd signed up to a 5k Colour Run, and I am so excited, because today my Run Pack arrived! I never get post, let alone fun post, and this was like my birthday all over again. Like getting a prezzie straight to my door. Anyway...

As you've probably guessed, they didn't send the Nike trainers with the pack, but I bought these with my birthday money, and I've been looking for a sneaky chance to drop them in a blog post for ages! And here they are. You made it, Nike Trainers! (I also haven't worn them outside yet. They're too pretty to be worn outside. They're 'looking at' trainers). 
The first, and biggest, prezzie in my pack was this t-shirt. I'm a sucker for an event t-shirt, and this one is lovely. Plus, this is going to be a messy event, so it's nice to have a t-shirt that is okay to get ruined by the dye. 

Not sure if I mentioned it last time or not, but this run is sponsored by Skittles. I hope we get free Skittles, that'd be a nice treat after a run. 

This is just the little postcard for the event, but I thought it was quite pretty, so I included it. 

They've given me a little tube of sparkly silver face paint, which will be fun. Any ideas, let me know in the comments below! 

And lot's of other goodies. This is also my race number that they've sent me (I'm so scared that I'm going to lose it!), a headband (which is a bit tight for my big head), a festival-style wristband, and some temporary tattoos. What a lucky girl I am!

I'm trying to think of more bits and bobs I may need now, I'm mainly thinking a pair of shorts and some sunnies. But I need some advice - would it be best to go with white shorts, or a brightly coloured pair? Please comment below what you think, I'm stumped! 

Also, I'm still trying to decide whether to drive or catch a coach to London, bearing in mind that I'm going to Summer Ball the day before. Hmm, decisions... 

Comment below,

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