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I'm poorly and grumpy today. I've been hiding in my room like a grumpy monster lurking in its cave. I've only been out for food and snacks. I've caught a cold, and I hate colds. They suck! And this cold is a sniffy-coughy-sore throaty one - it's hitting me all over! I don't think that you can heal a cold, but I do think that you can make it better and easier to sit back and ride out. So these are my 'cold cures'...

1. How To Cure.... Bunged Up Nose
Run yourself a nice hot bath, and have a soak for a while. Have you ever seen the steam rooms when you go to a spa - they're amazing. I've been in the steam rooms at Bath Spa, and I always come out feeling all cleared up and able to breathe. This will do the same. The best scents you can use are things like peppermint, and eucalyptus. Nice refreshing smells. 

2. How To Cure.... Sore Throat
Obviously there's lot's of cough sweets and medicines out there, but if your cold hits and you don't fancy taking a spoonful of dollop (as my dad would say), then make yourself some hot honey and lemon water. I love honey and lemon water, I could drink it when I don't have a sore throat. I just pour some boiling water into a mug (AND btw, how cute is my new mug! It was a prezzie from Theo for my birthday - how did he know?!), add some honey (I used some from a squeezy pot), and float a slice of lemon in the top. Mmmm, mmm!

3. How To Cure.... Feeling Crappy
There's not a lot you can do, if you're ill, you're ill. But one thing that always makes me feel better is eating something healthy. My fave healthy go-to at the moment are these yummy, healthy chicken wraps. They're so easy to make too, and really don't take long. Just chop and cry up some red onion, add some chopped up chicken, make sure it's all cooked, then add the chopped up red peppers. A sprinkle of piri piri chicken flakes from Sainsburys, and some pepper, and you're all sorted. Pop in a wrap (I go for multi-seed wraps) with some spinach, and yum yum! 

4. How To Cure.... Hot Flushes
I don't know about your cold, but this cold is getting me all heated up... honestly, maybe it's because I've just been lazing on my bed all day or something, but I keep getting the sweats. There's nothing worse when you have a cold than sitting in the room, feeling like you're just infecting the air around you, and it makes it feel like you're never going to get better. My advice is to get some fresh air in. Open a window, even if just for a little bit of the day, to get some new air in your lungs. 

5. How To Cure.... Runny Nose
Eeew, yuk! But with a cold usually comes a runny nose, and it's annoying. There's nothing you can do other than keep a box of tissues to hand, and don't try and hold it in - give your nose a blow if you need to! Random advice - make sure you get some nice, soft tissues if you know you're going to be rubbing your nose a lot. Don't settle for something like kitchen roll, you'll regret it when you're getting the Vaseline out later!

6. And Finally.... REST
I'm not very good at taking this advice, especially with a cold, I just want to keep going. But eventually it catches up to you and just makes you feel a lot worse that you did before. Take a day for yourself, make a cosy little nest for yourself with your honey and lemon water, and your chicken wrap, and pop a girly film on the telly. Bridesmaids is a goodun'....

I really hope that you don't have to use these tips any time soon, because colds get me down so much! But if you have any handy tips on what you do when you have a cold, please comment below... I could use them at the moment! 

Sniffly yours,

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