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I love a good coach trip. I love having a comfy seat next to the window, and knowing that I've got two hours of doing nothing, just reading my book, or listening to my music. It's bliss. Today's trip is to London, to see my bestie and her little family, which makes the coach trip feel even better...when you're going somewhere exciting! This post is all about my coach trip essentials, the things I can't take a coach trip without.

1. Magazine
I like to pack something that's easy to read. Heat magazine was this trip's choice, it doesn't require me to have to think or concentrate enough, and there's pictures to look at if I can't be bothered to read. 

2. Pen
I always pack a pen, just in case I think of anything I need to write down, or in case there's any surprise puzzles in my magazine. There's nothing worse than having a puzzle and no pen to write it with! 

3. My Kindle
Loaded and ready with the James Bond book I'm currently on. I like to have my Kindle with me just in case I work my way through all my music and want a break from it. 

4. Water
A bottle of water is essential for a long trip! Chances are the coach is going to be full of people, and might be hot and humid, so it's so important to keep drinking and keep hydrated! This is my giant New Look bottle, perfect for packing lot's of water. 

5. Portable Phone Charger
This is my portable phone charger's first outing, so fingers crossed it'll be good. If you're packing one of these for your trip, make sure it's charged up beforehand! Sounds silly, but I'm so paranoid that I'm going to end up in the middle of London with a dead phone battery and a dead portable charger. 

6. Snacks
I'll admit, this was my snack to take on the coach, but my coach isn't leaving until 1:50pm, so I got hungry and ate it. But it was a vegetable cous cous mix, with spinach leaves and cold boiled potatoes. They didn't quite make it to the coach, but hey ho. 

7. Phone, with headphones
Imagine a coach trip with no music. Ugh, what a 'mare! 

8. Tights
Bit of a random one, and kind of just for this trip in particular, but I've packed a pair of tights. My chosen outfit for this trip is a denim dungaree-dress, with a pair of ballet pumps and a cropped t-shirt. I'm braving the outdoor weather and hoping for the best, however, I've packed the tights in case I have to wuss out midway through. 

And that's my coach trip essentials. What would you add to the list? 

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