Birthday Haul


It's been my birthday for nearly a week now... like, honestly, I went out last night and was still telling people it was my birthday. I don't know what came over me. I was really lucky this year to get lot's of lovely prezzies, and so many of them were thoughtful too. I thought I'd share them in a Birthday Haul post...

Over the holidays, when the rowing squad had gone home and I had to train on my own, I did a lot of training that meant that I was rolling around, and stretching on our living room floor. My house mate used to tell me how dirty the floor was, and that I was gross. After I'd spent a day out on my birthday with my mum, and came home to find this yoga mat and a birthday card propped up outside my door. How lovely is that. Now I don't have to do my exercises on the dusty floor. 

I was spoiled by my work buddies, which was great! They all came bursting into the office singing happy birthday and holding a gift bag full of prezzies. This box of chocolates was one of them. 

They also gave me this £10 New Look voucher. The joke is that I wear the same pair of shoes everyday, and have done since I was a fresher. New Look sell this really simple pair of pumps in a nude shade, and they only cost £7.99. I buy a pair, wear them until the soles fall off, them replace them with another pair exactly the same. We call them my 'Shit Shoes'. 

 And a bottle of Malibu, of course!

My mum gave me some lovely Body Shop body lotion and shower gel. White Musk smells amazing!

My dad went with a 'K' theme this year, which suited me! I love things like this. I wanted to buy one of these candles for ages, but I have loads of candles already, so couldn't bring myself to spend more money on them. But I'm so glad I have one now, they're so cute, and the pot will be great to use after I've burned the candle out too. 

Then he got me this K mug too. It's so good, it's a little heavy mug, which I love. Perfect for my morning Earl Grey. 

Last night I went to a uni sports awards ball, with the rowers. At pre drinks I turned around and they were all grinning at me, holding a plastic cup with an odd colour drink in itm and I knew what was coming. They all started singing happy birthday and then counting me down, and suddenly I was downing the drink, which was a mixture of everyone's drinks. And that was that, the rest of the evening was a bit of a blur. 

I love my birthday!

I have a super busy, but SUPER EXCITING weekend planned for myself. I'm taking a trip up to London to see my bestie and her famm, and I'm so excited! I love my little trips up to London. 

See you soooon, 

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