Bedtime Stretches #1


Yesterday, I ran 6k along Bournemouth seafront as part of our rowing training. I'm pleased as punch about that (although, there was a little break halfway through for a catch up about our Annual Dinner that was the night before. But, hey ho!). The colour run I've signed up for is 5k, so not too bad, 'ey? 

I got to bed last night, it was gone 11pm, I had achy muscles, and an early morning the next day. So, I decided to give my body a little stretch out before sleep time. It's so good to have a stretch a day, even if it's only a quick one. Especially if you're working out or doing a lot of sports. It improves your body's flexibility, and goes a long way to preventing injuries. So, here's my quick bedtime stretch for tonight. 

First, I start with a soft side stretch. This should stretch all up your side. Sit with your legs crossed, hands together above your head, and lean to one side. Hold this for about 10 seconds, then slowly go back to the middle. Then, do the same for the other side, leaning for about 10 seconds again. 

Next, I move on to the legs. Sitting with your legs spread as far apart as you can, slowly reach down to the right hand side, touching your foot if you can. If you want to make it a little harder, bend your toes back towards you (using your foot muscles, not pulling them back with your hands!). 

Walk your hands across the bed to the middle. Keep your back straight, and reach as far forward as you can. 

Do the same for the left hand side, again, bending your toes back if you want a bit more of a stretch. 

Sit up straight, and bring your feet together. Keeping your back as straight as possible, pull your feet in as close to you as you can. Using your leg muscles, pull your knees down to the ground as much as you can. 

Move your feet slightly away from you, and roll over so that you're pushing your hips slightly forward into the bed. You should feel this in your hip joints. Sit like this for about 10 seconds, then let it relax.

 Move on to your front, place your hands flat next to you just at the bottom of your rib cage, and gently push yourself up into Cobra. Tilt your head back to look at the ceiling.

Keeping your hands in the same place, lower yourself down so you're face down on the bed. Move backwards on to your heels into Child's Pose. Push your hands as far away from you as you can, so you can feel a stretch in your arms and shoulders. Repeat Cobra and Child's Pose several times, alternating between the two. 

And to finish, lay completely flat on your back and stretch your hands and feet away from you as you exhale, and let it relax as you inhale. Repeat this several times.

You couldn't get much more basic with your stretching than this... and how much better is exercise that you can do in your pyjamas?! I've put a '#1' on this post, I'm hoping to do more bedtime stretches that you can do at some point. But until then...

Night night, 

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