Bank Holiday Beach Day


It's been a very busy bank holiday for me, I've spent hardly any time in my house and a lot more time on the beach. It's been lovely, but I'm still scraping sand off my legs - how does it seem to re-layer itself like this! Where does it come from! This post is just a few snaps of my day at the beach... and another appearance from Jester-pooch. He started off a bit grumpy, he wanted to go in the see but not get his paws and fur wet. But after some convincing he seemed to enjoy his day out. 

Yeah, thanks for that, Jester ;) 

A bit of a Jester indulgent post, but how cute is this guy? I love the beach, and I feel so lucky to live right next door to a place as beautiful as Bournemouth. I'm probably going to get a bit low on the posting front now - I'm going to apologise in advance. I have a lot of rowing training coming up in preparation for our big races, so I'm going to be all tired and grumpy, but I'll see what I can do. 

Watch this space,

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