5 Essential Things in my Room


I have had the most productive day ever, I've got so much done. I was woken up at 2:30am this morning by our tumble dryer - that student life - but I still managed to get up at 9am, gave my weights a bit of a workout, cleaned our kitchen some, had a shower AND squeezed in my usual stretch-workout, all before my breakfast of tea and toast. I love 'lazy' Sundays... 

When I was tidying my room I came to thinking (if that's a saying, not sure if that's good English or not) of what items in my room were the most important to me, and which ones I couldn't live without. So, I've whittled it down to my list of 5 essential things in my room. And here we go...

1. My Furry Throw
Not so much anymore, now that it's Summer, but I love this throw. My dad gave it to me for Christmas, and I just love having it on my bed. I sit on it when I'm having a Gossip Girl binge, and sleep with it on top of my duvet when I sleep now. I like to always sleep with the windows open, even in Winter, so it's just a nice extra layer, and it's so comfy. 

2. Pink Sands Yankee Candle
I have quite a large collection of candles in my room now, but my candle of the moment is my Pink Sands Yankee Candle.  I have a weird thing where I have to have a separate candle for each season, and I always know when the seasons have changed when my candle changes. I get really antsy about having the right sort of smells for the time of year, and Pink Sands is my Summer smell... although I'm not convinced it's going to last the whole of Summer...

Does anyone else do this? Or is it just me being a candle fiend?

3. Fairy Lights
So kitsch! These are my battery powered rose fairy lights, and I heart them so much! I bought them when we were moving into our first student house last year, and they're one of the best things I've bought. I bought two sets of these, and usually have them hung one along my head board (as you've probably seen in the background in some posts), and the other along my mirror behind where I put my camera. My favourite use for these so far has been for my 'Anything But Clothes' social outfit. We had to make our outfits using anything but clothes, and I used bin bags, unravelled scrunchies, and my fairy lights! (I did have to tuck the battery pack in my knickers though, so wouldn't recommend ;P) 

4. Black and White Ikea Cushions
I bought one of these from Ikea aaaages ago, like before I even came to uni, and loved it. I used it as my back cushion whenever I was working on my laptop or watching tv in bed, and I had it for ages until my mum decided it needed a wash, and all the black bits when a weird burgundy colour on one patch. I wasn't that bothered, but I think mum felt quite bad about it because she bought me another one to make up for it. They're so comfy, I think they were a little more expensive than a lot of Ikea bits and bobs, but they're definitely worth it, I highly recommend. 

5. Plants
I've grown (wahey, pun alert!) a bit of an obsession with buying pot plants this year, and I'm surprisingly keeping them alive. My mum had to rescue a couple of my plants last year, but this year I've done a good job... go me! I love my plants in my room, they make me feel so much happier, and I think every room should have a plant in a house, they're so pretty. 

And that's my five chosen essentials in my room right now. Have you got five essential items in your room? I find it really weird in a student room, it's the little things that make the difference, like things that remind you of home and that make you comfy and happy. Ah, that student life! 

I'm off to snuggle under my furry throw with my back cushion, my candle lit, fairy lights a-glowing, and to admire my plants.... sort of! 

See ya,

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