4 Series' To Binge Watch This Bank Holiday


If the weather stays this way over the weekend, I intend to spend a lot of my time outside, even if it's just sitting in the garden. I can't believe it's gotten so sunny so quickly! Fabulous, Mr Sunshine, keep up the good work!

But the best thing about bank holidays is the lie ins in the morning. I get up early pretty much every morning usually, either for work or training of some kind, so when I have a bank holiday monday coming up, I like to spend my Sunday night staying up for as long as I can and binge watching a series. But so many to choose from....!

1. Pretty Little Liars
I'm feeling really sad now because I've run out of episodes on Netflix at the moment, but I love re-watching old episodes to remind myself of things that happened, especially as it's a mystery series.

2. Gossip Girl
This is my next series of choice. I'm only a few episodes in so far, but it's already been a good move after finishing PLL. It doesn't require a lot of thinking or focus, which is great for a late night binge, but I love the twists and turns, and, although it's all quite predictable, sometimes that just what you need - something easy.

3. 30 Rock
When I'm not in the mood for the serious episodes, I choose 30 Rock. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are so funny together, and it's such a clever series. I can't recommend 30 Rock enough if you're looking for a comedy series. It's scary how much I seem to have in common with Liz Lemon though...

4. Wet Hot American Summer
This is another comedy, and it's perfect for Summer. It's about a retro American Summer Camp, and all the kiddies and camp leaders, and I found it hilarious! The characters are so funny, and there's some really big names involved.

And that's what I'll be watching this weekend. What would you add to the list? I can't wait for this weekend, I love being able to have a late night with Netflix and a tube of Pringles, and a candle going. Perfecto!

Hope you enjoy your long weekend,

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