What's in My Training Camp Bag


I've just spent half a week at training camp and I am dead to the world now! Three rowing sessions a day has knackered me out, I feel like I could sleep for weeks... I hate to think of how everyone who's doing the full week is going to feel!

I promised that I'd do a training camp related post last week, then didn't have the time to follow it through (that's what happens when you leave everything until the night before - I was putting my towels in the tumblr drier because they were still wet at 10 o clock the night before!). So, I've done the post that I wanted to do before camp, after camp, as I was unpacking. It's not everything that I took with me, I thought it would get real boring real quick if I showed you all ten pairs of leggings that I packed, so I've just narrowed it down to the little extras that I packed. 

Obviously, lot's and lot's of sports clothes are essential for training camp! I have no idea how many pairs of leggings, shorts and vest top I packed, I could hardly close my case by the time I was finished. But my no. 1 packing item in the sports department was my trainers. I'd also recommend taking a pair of flip-flops. Just because they're easy to slip on and off if you're in a hurry for anything.

My visor is one of my rowing essentials as well. It keeps the sun out of your face, which is ideal, but the main reason I love it is because it holds my hair out the way. It's the little things...

Make-up remover wipes. I didn't really wear much make-up while on training camp, I was just going back and forth from training where I was sweating (yuk!) and being splashed with river water anyway, so it didn't feel like much point, but you feel minging at the end of the day. I took these Simple Limited Edition Kind to Skin Facial Wipes because they were great at taking off my waterproof eyeliner at the end of the day. 

Take something to do! There may be some long breaks where you're told to rest your muscles and get back a bit of energy, and it can get a bit dull in these breaks if everyone else has brought some work with them to do. In the breaks I liked to have a little stretch (using YouTube videos), lay down on my bed, and read my magazine. Bliss!

Sunglasses. They're handy to go with the visor, or if you don't fancy wearing your visor but the sun's still out. Or if you just want to look like Horatio Caine for a day... 

I put sun lotion high up on the list, because you never know if it'll be good weather. It would be my worst nightmare to get sunburnt on the first day because I was a plonker without suncream. 

I also took my woolly hat, just in case it was the opposite and freezing cold. It would also be a nightmare to be the plonker on the pontoon in shorts and smothered in suncream while it's snowing. 

Multiple water bottles, in case something happens to one, like it falls in the river or I just generally lose it. 

Any rower will tell you that rowing is a fast way to get blisters and cuts all over your hands. If you don't believe it, just type 'Rower's hands' into Google - be warned though, it's not for the faint hearted! It's really important to take antiseptic hand gel with you so you can keep your hand and wounds clean and not get a nasty infection.

A pot of Sudocrem is essential... but I won't go into detail why ;) 

Take yourself a little treat. You'll be working really hard on training camp, so it's nice to have a mini chocolate bar at the end of a long day. My choice was mini Milkyway bars. 

And finally, a treat for me is apples. It's a little thing, but they're such a yummy treat, and they're good for you, so hits the nail on both heads... or something along those lines. 

And that was a little insight into my training camp bag. I'm going to go to bed now, I feel like I'm on the rough end of a hangover or something! 

Night ;) ,

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