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I've got a few dressy-uppy parties and what not coming up over the next month or so, so I thought it was time to hit the shops. I'm a bit of a fiend when it comes to things like this. I usually spend a lot (well, for me) of money on like five dresses, then send whichever ones I don't like back. I chose to start with Pretty Little Thing.

I used this website for the same events that I'm buying for now last year, and I was so happy with my purchases. They gave me next day delivery for cheaper than standard delivery with little offers, and the dresses were all lovely. My only warning would be buy a size up or two - they are very short sometimes. 

My first purchase was this black plunge dress. I love the shape of this dress, but I would like to see it in another colour, or white. This one was £20, and I bought it in a size 12. It was quite short, and a bit too baggy around the boobage area for me - but then dresses usually are for me. 

Next I tried this black playsuit (which I couldn't find on the website anymore :/). I love the top, it's lace enough to show a bit of skin, but not lacey enough that it looks too weird with a black bra.

 I bought this one in a size 12 again, and I was a bit too long in the body for it to be comfortable, but this is something I definitely like... a lot! This one was £28.

Next was my favourite of the bunch, this navy blue playsuit. This is really similar to one I already have in black, but the front isn't so plunging, so I can get away with wearing it ;) 

I actually love this! It was £22, and I will not be sending this one back! My one quibble is that the photo of it one the website was a much lighter shade of blue, but I can move past that. 

Next I had this mauve drape dress. The slit up the front is dangerously high, but it's a very sultry look. I couldn't decide whether I liked the colour or not - I'm not sure how this would look in a brighter colour, maybe a bit less intense on the sexy side. This one was £20, and they had it in a few different colours on the website, so this one maybe get a little exploring. 

And finally, this little number - a LRD (little red dress, but I'm sure you knew that). Being moved around and played with like this it looks quite nice, but when I was standing still looking at it in the mirror it was a bit lackluster on my shape... in that I don't have much of one. It is really fun though, especially compared to my other dress choices, and I think with my hair and makeup done it would look a lot better. This one was a bargainful £15. 

Now it's your turn - I need your help! Which ones do you think I should keep and which ones should I send back? There's most likely going to be another batch of dresses after these, so look out for that too, and if you have any ideas of the kind of things I should try, please let me know and I'll take a look! 

Can't wait to hear from you, 

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