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I don't go out often on a Saturday night, mainly because it's so much more expensive than the students nights during the week in Bournemouth. But this week was a mixture of birthday's and the end of training camp, plus the last week of the Easter holidays. So, everyone was back at uni and wanting a last night out to celebrate before the deadlines hit again. Seeing as this was a more dressy-uppy affair compared to the usual flat shoes and shorts I put on, I thought it would be a great opportunity to make a GRWM post. 

First, I freshen up and give myself a little pamper. I have a shower, shave my legs, and wash my hair. After I get out of the shower I rub some Johnson's Baby Oil on my legs and arms, and gently dab it dry, to make my skin all soft and smooth. 

When I'm out the shower I set up my little get ready area. I usually light a candle, and I start up my 'Getting Ready' playlist on my iPad. To make my legs even smoother I rub some sort of moisturising cream into them. This time I used the Love & Wilde Body Lotion, which smells amazing! 

First I brush my hair through so it's all straight, and I always brush my fringe down over my face. It looks weird when it's wet, but it sorts itself out eventually. I spritz it all over with  VO5 Plump It Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion. It smells great, and really gets your hair to hold it's shape when you style it afterwards. 

I don't straighten or curl my hair - I've always been rubbish with things like that - so I blow dry my hair to give it some volume and shape. I do this by tying up my hair, leaving a section at the bottom each time. I wrap my hair around a round brush and blow dry it, moving the brush down and lingering a little bit longer on the ends to give it a bit more of a curl at the end. 


I hairspray each section as I go to hold it in place. I use my VO5 hairspray - this isn't an advert or anything, but I am in love with VO5 products at the moment, they just smell great! 

Next, I move onto my make up. I start by putting on my foundation. I use Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Vanilla, and my Real Techniques Face Brush

 I then use my Rimmel Concealer (not idea what shade it is I'm afraid) just under my eyes, and if I have any spots that day I'll whack some on those too. I just dab this in using my finger, no need for a brush.

 I've just  bought my first highlighter, so I'm starting to play with that a bit on a night out now. I've been using Collection Speedy Highigher. I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet, it's slightly sparkly, so it makes my face a bit shiny, which I'm not sure I like.

I blend all the make up so far in using my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent. I've used this for years, and it seems to do the job for me. I use my Cosmopolitan brush for this. 

Lastly for my face, I use my Loreal Bronzer, just under my cheek bones, slightly up the side of my face, and around my hairline. 

Moving onto my eyes, I start with my eyebrows. I have a pair of quite uncooperative eyebrows, so I give them a brush and a powder. I use Collection . I used to use a pencil, but I much prefer using this powder. 

I vary which eyeshadow I use, depending on the look I'm going for and what I'm wearing. I was going for a less heavy look this time, so I used my MAC eyeshadow in Amber Lights. I used this as my base colour, popping it all over my lids and slightly up towards the outside corner of my eyebrows. I then used a darker brown shade from my MUA Eyeshadow Palette around the edge of my lid, to give it a subtle but not too strong smokey look. 

I use the same eyeliner that I use for every look, because it's super waterproof, really easy to put on, and I love the coverage it gives. I use the Collection Waterproof in black. 

I finish my eyes with my mascara. I use. 

 Put on some lipstick, and my make up is all finished. I used Collection Mango Crush last night, to go with my dress. 

 After my make up, all that's left to do is put on some clothes! This usually takes me quite a while, but today I'd bought a new playsuit, so it was no worries! I bought this playsuit from River Island in the sale for £15.

This was my final outfit, with my little black booty heels (sorry for the blurry pic!). 

And today has definitely been a well-deserved hangover! I ended up sat on the kitchen floor at 5am this morning, waiting for a tray of wedges to finish cooking for me. Not great today! I've just been for a Toby Carvery (not sure that was the best idea) and now I'm off to bed - my two hour afternoon nap didn't do much to rejuvenate me. That's the worst thing about a night out - the day after the great night out! 

Night night, 

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