Feeding the Squirrels


When most people start uni, their parents send them away with a food parcel, survival kits filled with essential supplies, and maybe a few little treats to get them through it. Not me. My dad gave me a tesco bag filled with out of date peanuts and said, "I'd rather the squirrels had them than throw them out". There you go. Today, nearly two and a half years later, I finally made it down to the park with my bag of peanuts to give to the squirrels. I thought I'd look a bit crazy, but, no lie, I wasn't the only person down there feeding the squirrels. No idea it was this popular. 

Aren't they little cuties. I only managed to get through about a quarter of my bag of nuts, so there's going to be a few more trips down to the park over the Summer I feel. Hopefully I won't get a name for myself...

Happy Sundaying, 

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