Birthday Trip to the Gardens


It was my dad's birthday today, so after my morning row I scrabbled home to Devizes to have a visit, eat cake, and take a trip to Stourhead Gardens. We've been there so much, and we have countless photos of all the same things, so today I tried to take photos more of the flowers and selfies of the two of us. 

Anyone who's been to Stourhead will understand that it's one of the most photogenic places on the planet, it's a photographer's dream. It feels like it was designed to take pretty photographs, with viewpoints and openings in the trees.

The house was closed by the time we arrived, but we don't usually bother with the house anyway, even though it is beautiful. 

And so the flower photos begin...

These pink flowers reminded me so much of the flowers that were everywhere in Sardinia (there may be a throwback post up soon of that!), which I will welcome a reminder of anytime! 

 See what I mean about the viewpoints. 


Thank God, the sun shined all day! Although, having to wear sunglasses, and a waterproof coat is a bit of an odd one. 

Let's hope the sun keeps shining!

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