Beach Sprints


By far the best thing about going to uni in Bournemouth is being so close to the beach. The sea is clear, the beach is pretty stone-free, and it's generally a really happy place to be. Especially on a night like tonight.The BUBC girls squad headed to the beach this evening to rekick our Summer tradition of beach sprints, and I couldn't resist sharing a couple of photos.

Our workout consists of us sprinting up and down the beach, usually involving a few tumbles, and then we add things like burpees, push ups, seated rows, and all sorts. Then we finish with a stretch, or a yoga-pilates-ish sesh, and head home. It's great fun, but real hard work on your legs. 

Squad goals, right? ;) Anyway, time for me to go to bed in amongst all the sand that fell out of places I didn't even know about until today.

Night night,

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