Raspberry and Lime Smoothie


It's been a lovely weekend. I'm all finished with dog-sitting for this week, and I was really sad to say goodbye to the pooch - dog-cuddles are the best, aren't they!

I got home and had a super messy bedroom to tidy, plants that wanted watering, a weekend bag that needed to be unpacked... so I decided to take a nap. You know, one of those 'I'll take 20 minutes out' naps that quickly becomes an 'oh no, I've been asleep for 3 hours' nap. Yeah, one of those!

I woke up about 4pm feeling groggy, gross, and disorientated. I walked downstairs sideways, I had no idea what was going on!

To perk myself up I decided to make a Raspberry and Lime Smoothie. It's sharp, it's fruity, and it's just what you need to wake yourself up!

You will need;
1/4 pint limeade
1/8 pint lemon curd flavour yogurt
1/4 pint frozen raspberries

It's really easy, you just shove all the ingredients inside the blender, whizz it all up, and there you go! I always put in the limeade first, then add the yogurt, then lastly the frozen raspberries.

This recipe makes enough for one glass, so if you're making it for two just double up the ingredients.

It's a classic Sunday Night, I'm in bed with a hot water bottle and PLL, bliss! I hope you're all having as relaxed an evening as I am, and I shall see you next week.

Night night,

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  1. Very great post, love it ! <3

    Suzanne xx


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