Recycled Flower Pots


I've had all these jars for a while now and have had no idea what to actually do with them. Until today...

I'm a bit of a hoarder... in fact, I'm a lot of a hoarder, I struggle to throw things out if I think that I may one day have a way to use them, and most of the time there's never going to be a need for any of these things. And I thought... I like plants and flowers... I have all these jars... maybe there's a way to combine the two. And this was the results...

1. Yankee Candle Jar

You might have picked up my love of candles from previous posts, there's usually one lurking around in the background somewhere. So, I ended up with this empty Yankee candle jar, and nothing to do with it. 

To get the wax out, I popped the jar in the freezer, among my frozen berries and homemade ready meals, just for a couple of hours, then after that the wax should be much easier to chip out. All you have to do then is give the jar a good clean, and you're good to go. 

2. Broken glasses

Be careful not to cut yourself with this one!

I bought a set of these glasses from Ikea, and I love them, they're so pretty. Unfortunately one got chipped, and I couldn't use it as a drinking glass anymore :(

But, no worries! I can just shove a flower pot in it, and, voila! New life! 

3. Used alcohol bottles

This is a student one! I have these alcohol bottles that I've emptied (ahem!) and kept because I think they're too pretty to throw out. I bought another bunch of £1 daffodils from Sainsbury, and they squashed into the bottles just a treat!

I really like this odd-bod mix up of old jars and glasses, especially together. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for any other vessels I can use to store plants in from now, just you wait and see! 

I'm going for a chill out in my uber floral room now :),

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