Mother's Day Fudge


Mother's Day is this weekend, and it's always a hard one for me, as it's just a few weeks after my mum's birthday. So, I was perusing my way through Pinterest when I came across this recipe for 'Two Ingredient Fudge', and it seemed like a lovely mother's day sweet treat. I had no idea what to expect, but if you like sugar mice, then you'll love these! I played with the amount of ingredients a little bit, worked out the timings, and here's the recipe I ended up with...

You will need;
300g white chocolate (I would maybe use more chocolate next time? Maybe?)
400g strawberry frosting 
(Optional) Little edible decorations... to decorate

First of all, melt the white chocolate. I used two bars of Asda white chocolate, which only cost £1.20 each (I know Mother's Day isn't about scrimping and saving, but students! Hello!) and it did a really good job. 

I used the 'Pyrex bowl over a saucepan of boiling water' technique.  Just break up the chocolate into the Pyrex bowl and keep stirring until it's all smooth and melted. This is going to sound like a basic tip, but please make sure you don't get the water mixed in with the chocolate. I know this is common sense, but I've been over-zealous with the mixing so many times, and it's completely ruined my day every time! 

And if you're sneaky and sly like me, you'll 'accidently' buy too much chocolate, and be able to have a little chocolate snack break at this point. 

Taste the strawberry frosting to make sure it's nice and not poisonous... okay, so I just got peckish after my chocolate break. 

I got the Asda Strawberry Frosting, which was £1.76 for a 400g tub. Again, not to be thrifty, but how amazingly bargain-esque is this recipe?

Mix the whole tub of strawberry frosting in with the melted white chocolate, until it's completely mixed together. This is where I would've preffered to have more melted chocolate, just to make it a bit smoother and possibly easier to mix up. 

Transfer the mix into a lined baking tin of some sort. The recipe I found online used grease proof paper, which would probably be recommendable. I didn't have any, so I used tin foil. It was okay, but I think grease proof paper would probably do the job better. 

Sprinkle whichever sprinklies you got to go on top of your fudge, and pop the tray in the fridge. I left mine in the fridge for about half an hour and then my impatience took over, but I would really recommend leaving it in there for a little longer, just so it isn't so soft still when you're trying to shape it. 

Use whichever cookie cutter you like to cut the fudge into little shapes. I used a classic curly-edged round one, as I thought it looked like a flower, which is quite mother's day-ish. But if you were doing this recipe for something else it would be good to use a differently shaped one, like hearts for valentine's day or something. 

I managed to get sixteen little fudge flowers out of this mix, just enough for the tray I was using. Yours will probably be ready to eat now, but I put mine back on to a tray and in to the fridge for a while, as I'd been too excited with the shaping. 

And there you go. These fudge flowers are so easy to make and so cheap too - mum need never know how much we spent on them ;) 

Wrap them up in a tupperware container with a ribbon around, or in a biscuit tin, and you've got a lovely, well-thought little gift to give to your mum this Sunday. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did... well, you've got to try them to make sure they;re good enough for mum, don't you ;)

Night night, 

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