Katy Tries... a HIIT Workout


I have this board going on Pinterest... the same board I think a lot of us girlies have going. I've called it 'Fitspiration', and it's jam packed full of workout outfit ideas, workouts, and smoothie recipes... yeah, the last one probably doesn't belong there, but I couldn't justify starting up a whole new board just for smoothies! 

I won't lie, I kind of just speed my way through Pinterest, and any workouts that have decent photos, I'll add to the board. Well, today I actually paid a bit of attention to what I'd 'pinned' (I think the term is), and I found that I'd 'pinned' a '30-Minute Upper-Body HIIT Workout. I'd heard of HIIT Workouts before, mainly through Joe Wicks and his Instagram, but I'd never thought to look into one. A HIIT Workout is a 'High Intensity Interval Training' routine, where you give each short burst of exercise 100% effort, then follow it up with an active recovery period - sounds intense, right?! 

So, I thought, seeing as there was no rowing training tonight, that I would FINALLY give a HIIT workout a go....

I started by warming up! Before doing any exercise I always run back and forth a few times, gradually getting faster (we don't have a garden in our house this year, so I have to use the pavement... the neighbours must think I'm nuts!). Then, I do a little bit of stretching. I start with my legs and work my way up, then I'm ready to go! 

The first exercise I had to do was Overhead Presses. This involves holding a weight in each hand, and holding your arms out, with you forearms bending up at a 90-degree angle. You then simply raise the weights up above your head, and then back down again, returning to the starting position. I did this twelve times (and, honestly, when I started I thought, 'Man, I can handle more weight than this!' and by the end I was like, 'Oh God! My arms are going to snap!').

The next move was Triceps Kickbacks. This is one of my favourites to do, you can really feel this one working. You bend forward at the hips, so that you're facing the floor. Hold the weights against your chest with your upper arms stuck to your sides - these won't move. Push your arms out as straight as you can, and then bend them back again.  Again, do this twelve times. 

And last for this round, I moved on to Chest Presses. You think this is nice because you get to lay down, but it's no rest! You lay on your back with your elbows on the ground and your hands and weights in the air. Push the weights up into the air, and then let them slowly drop back down to the starting position. Do this twelve times, then repeat the first three moves three times. 

The workout then told me to have a rest for thirty seconds to a minute, then it was over, and time to go on a run. I was supposed to run for 1/4 mile, however, I got excited on the Nike Running app, and ended up running for a mile and 1/4. I don't recommend this, as it made the next part so much harder...

I started the second round with twelve reps of a Side Plank with Lateral Raises. To do these, you get into a side plank position with a light weight in your hand. I had no idea what I was doing, so I raised my arm up and down... however, I would probably Google this move next time, just to check I wasn't just doing completely my own thing. 

The second step with fifteen push ups. I managed to do seven 'manly' push ups (full body on my feet) until I had to admit defeat and change to 'girly' ones (knees down). And the final move was Triceps Dips, where you stand up on your hands and feet with your tummy facing upwards, and simply bend and straighten your arms repeatedly. I did this fifteen times, and then repeated all of round two three times. 

I was exhausted! I started out the workout thinking that it was so easy, and that it was going to be a complete waste of time, but by the time I was going for a run I was just relieved that I hadn't boosted up the weights I was lifting earlier! 

Of course, when you've worked this hard you deserve an evening of treating yourself. I chose a night in bed, with a salad-filled burger for dinner and Pretty Little Liars. I don't think it'll be a late night tonight guys! 

Sorry for the very wordy post tonight, I was a bit too into the working out to be taking photos, but I'll try harder next time!

Night all,

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