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It's been a bit of a bum of a day. I had a bit of a grump this morning, but I went for a walk with a dog that I'm dog sitting this weekend, and between us we managed to step it out. It's your typical Saturday today, I've been rowing, come home, had lunch at half 10 am because I've been up since half 5 and my body clock's completely off, and then settled in for a day of binge watching PLL. So, while I was chilling I thought I'd plan ahead for Katy Louise Blog a little, and I wanted to share the process with you! 

It can be a bit of a mess when I'm elbow deep in ripped up post it notes, but there's method to my madness, I promise! So... 

I used to keep a book with all my blog post ideas in, and I'd try and write the dates I wanted to post them in, but it would hardly go ahead when I planned. There would either be something that would change my plan or would mean that I wasn't in the blogging mood, and then it would mess up the whole book. It was all scribbly and messy, and it was driving me mad! So I came up with a different way of planning. 

My first step is to write down all my blog post ideas on a post it note, with the sticky bit being at the end of each one. I find that I think of loads of quick ideas when I'm doing this too - one idea usually leads to another.

I then rip up all the ideas so that they make little individual post it notes, like those little tabs you can get. I then go through my diary and stick the post it notes on the dates that I'd like to post them up on the blog. Using the post it notes is so handy - it means that if I plan to post something on that day and I don't manage it, I just move the post it note to another day. It always means I can keep a collection of quick backup post ideas

With that in mind, I should be blogging a lot more, hopefully. It's been a couple of down weeks on the blogging front for one reason or another, so fingers crossed! 

Love ya,

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