Happy Good Friday


Long weekends are my absolute fave! I had made no plans whatsoever for my Friday off, so I was looking forward to a day of mooching around and (avoiding) tidying my room. Mid-morning though, I got a phone call from my mum, and the whole famm came down to Bourney-town (that rhymes) to visit me. It was such a gorgeous day today, I had to stop myself from leaving the house in shorts! 

I toned myself down to a plain pair of black leggins, black flip flops from Primark (90p they cost! 90p!), a white crop top from ASOS, and a really old denim shirt I found in my wardrobe. I was feeling a hair-up kinda day today, so summery!

After meeting, we all headed to the beach. Now is the perfect time for Bournemouth beach, it's super sunny, but not warm enough for all the tourists yet, so there's still room to walk about. Plus, dogs are still allowed on the beach until May 1st, so Jester approves! 

After lunch, we had Mr Whippy ice-creams for pudding. 

Jester's always handy to have around when you're like me and don't like cones, just the ice-cream. We make a great team!

To get back to the cars, we had to walk through the gardens, which was a lovely way to finish off the day... 

This is how I spent my sunny, extra day of this week. I loved it, it was so chill and great to see the famm again, it's been soooo long! I've been a super rubbish blogger lately, and I've just caught another cold, but I'm going to try and post some more posts this weekend! So watch this space...

Enjoy your Good Friday,

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