Easter Egg Haul


This isn't so much an Easter Haul video as a 'look at the Easter Eggs I got' post, but I thought I'd share it anyway. I wasn't expecting anything from the Easter Bunny this year, what with living at uni full time this year (how would he know my new address?!), and I didn't have any plans to see my mum or dad close to Easter, so it looked a bit bare on the chocolate egg front. 

But with a surprise visit from my dad a few weeks ago, and a surprise visit from my mum last Friday, I ended up with a couple of lovely Easter Eggs :) I got a Smarties one from my dad and a Minstrels one from my mum. I had so much restraint this year too, I've literally had the Smarties Easter Egg for about two weeks now and not touched it - I was scared that I'd feel sad not getting one on Easter Day, so I saved it. What a loser, haha. 

So, yeah, bit of a random post to make, but I just thought it would be weird to let Easter go past without mentioning Easter Eggs. Plus, who doesn't love a bit of chocolate ;) 

I'm sat in bed, covered in Minstrels as we speak, about to watch yet another episode of Pretty Little Liars. I've been feeling really glum with my cold today, think it's that stage of the cold, so my poor mum's had about four phone calls tonight, all with different moods. 

Night night, 

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