Dying My Hair


I'm sat in bed, eating the last crumbs of my Minstrels Easter egg, wondering whether this actually fills up a whole blog post or not... and I thought, hey, why not! I'm sorry if this is a bit of a boring post, but I'm kind of in between my other planned posts at the moment, so there'll be a more interesting one uploaded in the next few days, I promise! 

I'm a natural blonde (if you meet me, you'll know ;P) but my hair's quite dark, so I like to lighten it a bit. My hair's been all colours, dark brown, dark purple, bright red, peroxide blonde... allsorts! But, anyway, my roots have been looking a bit sad for a while, and I woke up on this morning and thought, "Enough is enough! My roots deserve a makeover!", and I marched straight to Wilkinsons to search for hair dye. 

I have no idea which one I usually use, I'm rubbish with this sort of thing. After a quick mum-call for advice I settled on this Loreal Preference dye in the shade Lightest Ash Blonde. It was slightly more expensive than all the other dyes, but the colour chart thingy on the back looked so much nicer than all the other boxes, so I decided to spend the extra moneys. 

Honestly, with every blog post I learn more and more about my concentration face.

And this was the finished result. I'm happy with the result, however, I think I may have left the dye on for a little bit too long, as a few of the streaks have gone a random lilac-y-silver-y-blue colour. I think it looks cool, but not ideal. 

Anyway, I'll try and upload my training camp post over the next couple of days.

Night night for now,

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