Chocolate Easter Nest Cupcakes


 It wouldn't be Easter without these chocolate Easter nests. One of my favourite school memories is when we used to make these little chocolate nests every Easter, put them on our desks while we went up to the church for our Easter service, then rush back to see if the Easter bunny had been around the classrooms and left us mini-eggs... don't worry, he always did ;) 

Everyone has their own twists and takes on them, but I stuck to a simple, easy recipe this year....

You will need;
150g milk chocolate
50g unsalted butter
2 tbsp golden syrup
225g (ish) cornflakes (or enough to soak up all the chocolate mix)

First, melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Careful you don't burn yourself, but keep stirring the mixture until it's all melted. 

Add the butter, and stir in until it's smooth and completely combined with the chocolate. 

Then add the tablespoons of golden syrup, and mix in. 

Gradually add the cornflakes, a bit at a time, until you've got enough in the mixture that you'd like. I wanted to put quite a lot in so that some of the cornflake colour still showed, just so it looked a bit nest-like :) 

Spoon the cornflake-chocolate mixture into cupcake cases. I managed to get 9 out of the mixture I used, but if you want more just double up the recipe or use mini-cupcake cases, and less mini-eggs...

Which is the next step! :) Using a little teaspoon, make a small indent in the middle of each chocolate nest, and pop three mini-eggs in each one, arranging them how you wish. 

And here they are... 

They're so cute, and so so easy to make! I'm going to munch these right up, they won't last very long!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, 

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