Bank Holiday Morning Routine


I stayed up until 3am this morning trying to catch up with Pretty Little Liars. I'm seriously hooked, what am I going to do when I run out of episodes?!

The Bank Holiday is so nearly over (boo!) and tomorrow it's back to work and normal life. I've loved these few extra days off, and, even though it's only been four days, I've gotten into a morning routine made just for this weekend. I thought I'd share my last morning with you, as I've really enjoyed my mornings more than anything I think... 

My morning routine has been starting around 11am this weekend... my bad. Usually I'm quite good at getting up and going with the day, but thanks to my super late nights I haven't done so well with that this weekend. But, hey ho, isn't that what bank holidays are for :D 

The first thing I do is check my phone. Not a great habit, but everyone does it... I think. I'll usually have a few messages, Snapchats or Facebook bits and bobs to look at, so I'll get all caught up, then get up and out of bed. 

This is the point where I usually start to actually wake up. I start by putting on my sports clothes. Today it was my Nike 3/4 length leggings and a Primark vest top, and then my ASOS 'Yoga Now, Wine Later' sweater for my run. Before I do anything with my hair or make up I do a morning workout. I've loved having the mornings free to workout, usually I wait until I get home from work, but this has meant that I have the evenings free to slob out. It's been great. 

I start my workout with some weight exercises and general fitness activities. I've been using workouts from Pinterest, which you can find on my 'Fitspiration' board.  I usually start with the exercises to warm my muscles up a bit, usually some squats, something like that. Then I do the first three weight exercises that I used in my HIIT Workout post.

I've then been going for a mile long run. Where I live is really handy for running, it's all housing streets built in squares, so you can just judge how far you want to run and depend this on which street you turn up next. I've been using the Nike Running app on my phone for my runs, I love the way it lets you know how far you've run so far, and gives you motivation through how far your friends have run this month. I'm also a sucker for praise and rewards, so I love the little achievements you can earn. 
 When I get back from my run, I'll do a few stretches. For this I've been looking on YouTube, and found a couple of different ones that I like.

After this I'm all done, so I'll have a shower to clean up, usually wash my hair, but I'm hoping to dye my roots today (finally!) so I didn't bother. I'll get dressed, today in my H&M jumper and some simple leggings, and start on my make-up. 

I had to share this photo, it cracked me up! Look at how scared of the spray I look!

And to finish my morning, I have myself some tea and toast. Mmmm, mmm! 

My big challenge for today is to find myself a new wash bag to take to training camp next week, which I will be doing a post about at some point... training camp, not the wash bag that is. 

Have a lovely last day off,

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