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Yesterday was my blog's first birthday, and I thought I'd carry on the blog-themed-posts today with a little 'Why I Started Blogging' post. I've seen a few of these on other blogs, and so I thought it was time, after a year, that I had a think about why I started blogging... plus, it's a nice easy post which doesn't require much thinking for a lazy Saturday afternoon...

Last year, my first post was a photograph from Pinterest with a quote from Buddha, saying, "When words are both true and kind they can change the world." It didn't mean much to me at the time, but I thought that it was a very apt quote for the first post on a blog... as if I was going to change the world with my words (haha, jokes!). 

That was in February, after a really tough start to the year. I was having a real down month, I felt like nothing was really making me happy, and, I wouldn't say the blog was to cheer me up, but I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to get it out of my system. I always seem to have something go wrong or happen to me in January, and I always blame it on the 'January Blues', but I come to realise that it was just bad luck that happened to always the same time every year, no biggie. 

That was my first post in February... I didn't post again until May!

I'd been spending a lot of time watching YouTube vlogs, and noseying around on Bloglovin, and finally decided that I should give it a proper go in July. Everyone from uni had gone home for the Summer, I was feeling really lonely, and blogging became my way of distracting myself and giving me a way to feel like I wasn't on my own, and I was able to keep company with people. I started off getting one or two views a day, and gradually that built up. 

I love blogging now, and I find that it helps me to deal with so much. I always said that I wouldn't post about things if I was feeling down about it or having a bad day, because my blog is my happy place, and I don't want to look back over it in the future and just be reminded of being a misery guts. And I think it's helped me a hell of a lot! 

So, let's move on from the downer-debbie moment, and move on to more upbeat, happy blogging! I've got some fun posts planned, and hopefully Jester-pooch is going to help me out with one or two by next week! 

Lot's of love,

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