What Doing Yoga Everyday Taught Me


I'm trying a little challenge that I found on Instagram this month. It's the 'YogalatesLove' Challenge, created by several wonderful Instagrammers; Steph, Dorotea, Vanessa, and sponsored by Blogilates Designs (I've linked them all, please check them out).

The challenge is to take a photo of yourself doing a yoga pose once a day, sharing it on Instagram, and if you complete it you'll be entered to win a Popflex outfit from Blogilates Designs. I won't lie, this is what got me onto it - I love winning, especially when there's a prize!

First of all, I'm really not a yoga person. I always think of yoga as a bit of an impostor to exercise - it never makes me sweat or breathless, and that's what I always think I should be getting from a workout.

Second of all, I'm not flexible or bendy, and I know that that would improve the more you did your yoga, but I'm not patient enough for that - I want to be flexible NOW!

So, this yoga-pose-a-day challenge was a bit daunting for me. To begin with, it felt like a bit of a chore. I would always forget, and be tired and in my pyjamas by the time I remembered to take my photo. But, by about day 21, I was really starting to get into it. I would check out what Yoga pose it was that day, and set up my little selfie area that I do all my blog post photos from.

I've also found that the yoga seems to really help stretch me out, depending on which pose it is on that day. If I've had an intense erg or circuit session for rowing, a little stretch out would do me great in the evening.

The more the challenge has gone on, the more I have built up an understanding with yoga. Like a truce. I get that it's not going to turn me into a super fit athlete, but it will help the rest of my training. I felt so much better getting into bed after a hard day having done my yoga pose.

Yoga was also so good at de-stressing me, taking my mind off of my stresses of the day. I think for me, it was more because I was concentrating so hard on what I was supposed to be doing, but that would come better with time.

The thing I learnt the most from daily yoga though was the range of concentration faces that I never knew I had! I mean, just look at me!

So, with two days left to go, will I be carrying on with yoga? I really hope so! I've already found a bedtime routine on Pinterest that I'm going to give a go in March, so watch this space...
Any exciting yoga help for beginners would be great ;)

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