My (Single) Valentine's Day


I won't lie to you... Valentine's Day is my LEAST favourite day of the year. I hate it! I've never been in a relationship on any Valentine's Day, and I hate the lovey-dovey shop windows and romantic films on the telly. I literally avoid Facebook like the plague on Valentine's Day. How sad, haha!

But this year hasn't actually been too bad... and I was really worried that it would be the worst so far, with the last few months I've had... but I won't delve into that today! 

Training was cancelled today, and I'd been to a house party last night, so I pretty much slept for half of the day, but a lie in was just what I needed! After a tea and toast breakfast, I opened my card that had arrived in the post a few days ago.

Jester-pooch gets me a card every year, and this was this year's. What a cutie!

And pretty smart too, for a dog to write and post a card, don't you think ;) 

I had errands and little jobs to run, so I popped out in the afternoon. It was a really lovely day in Bournemouth today, nippy but so sunny! 

 I'm that loser that lingers around in the supermarket on Valentine's Day looking at the discounted chocolates and flowers that didn't get bought in time, and scoop up the bargains for myself :)

I bought these daffodils for £1, and I can't wait for them to come out in flower, I love daffodils. 

I realised when I got home, that we don't actually own a vase of any kind. So I had to improvise with a glass. 

Everyone on Snapchat was sending me photos of their romantic Spaghetti Bolognese meals, and, although I was going to get takeaway, I was too tempted by the photos. I went full out today and even made my own bolognese sauce for the first time. It's so easy, and was so delicious! 


Mmmm, mmm!

And finally, in the evening, my Valentine buddy finally showed up (don't tell Jester!). How cute and photogenic is this guy?! Such a gorge boy.

 And it wouldn't be a singleton's Valentine's Day with a tub of Ben and Jerry's. My annual tradition, and the only time of the year that I can justify spending a fiver on ice-cream. 

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day, whether you were alone or with someone. Now let's get rid of the heart stuff, and get on track for the chocolate eggs for Easter. 

Love ya, 

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