My Evening Routine


If I'd had the routine I wanted tonight, I'd literally be posting a photo of me asleep in bed, I am so tired from a busy week of training, and I've been a little bit poorly too. Moan moan moan...

But, I fought it, I was strong (LOL) and I carried out my usual evening routine, with a camera in tow! My evening properly starts when I get home from training, whether it's circuits, ergs, or something else. But there's always some sort of training. Tonight was Watt Bike training.

My first job is my daily yoga pose, before I change out of my exercise clothes. I've been doing a yoga challenge on Instagram throughout February. It's being organised by a couple of yoga-Instagrammers, and it's been great fun. I can't believe I'm still up to date with it. If you want to check it out it's on my Instagram... and, I'm not gonna lie, some of my non-flexible poses are quite funny. 

Once I've done that I freshen up with a shower, sometimes wash my hair, and get into a comfy outfit - usually a jumper of some sort. 

By this point I am usually STARVING, so I'll go cook myself up some dinner.

I'm trying really hard to be healthier at the moment, or at least trying to eat more fruit and vegetables. Tonight's masterpiece (ummm... not sure about that one) was a garlic chicken breast, which I flavoured using one of those papyrus sheet things, spicy wedges, with broccoli, carrot batons and a corn on the cob. As you can probably tell, my portion control isn't on point. 

I eat my dinner in the living room so I can catch up on my recordings while I munch - two birds, one stone. Tonight I had some 'Just Jillian' episodes to watch, which I've only just got into. 

Before I go upstairs, I'll make myself a smoothie for the next day. This is part of my whole eating more fruit and veg thing. 

Tonight I went for a Raspberry-Lime smoothie, which I'll give the recipe for in a separate post some when.

I thought my Breakfast Energy smoothie from the other day was yummy, but oh my days, this one is gooooood! I always spend a bit of time drinking my smoothie to make sure I do actually like it, before I take it to work with me in the morning. 

I set up my little chillout space, with my salted caramel candle, my lamp and my rose fairy lights. So chill. 

I've started using my Lush Charity Pot cream as night cream. It says it's for hands and body, but I desperately needed some cream for my face one day, and this was all I had, and it actually did the job quite well. 

Especially on my dry nose. It gets so dry and peely in this cold weather, and just a dab of cream does amazing things. 

 I'm one of those people who can't go to sleep without watching something. I vary from day to day, depending on how tired I am. Sometimes I just watch something on YouTube, sometimes it's an episode on Netflix, although, at the moment I am so into Pretty Little Liars so I usually manage to squeeze in an episode, no matter how tired I am. 

And that thing I'm hugging is my Eeyore hot water bottle. It's a student lifesaver, when you can't afford to put the heating on!

And that's it. By that point I'm ready to pass out for the day and start again in the morning. Sometimes I have a training session in the morning, in which case bedtime is about 9 o clock! But if not, I can usually manage to stay awake until midnight... maybe. 

And that's my status right now, so I'll love you and leave you for another day. 

Night night and sweet dreams all,

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