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My hands are so sore writing this... any fellow rowers will feel my pain when I say I've spent my whole weekend rowing 5k back and forth up a wavey river. It's been so much fun though! 

The end of the first month of 2016, that means the first Instagram Catch-Up of 2016 too. I haven't really been very on it this month, I've been very busy (lame excuse, Katy), but here's six little cheeky Instagrams from this month...

Happy 2016!
This is a nice one to start with, I can't believe it's taken me this long to share it :) This is my 'happy new year' Snapchat that I sent around to everyone on New Year's Eve. These are my buddies from home, Angus and Alex, and we had a great New Years. We spent it at a house party, and managed to be the last ones standing by the end of the night, just dancing away in the dining room. 

Hangover Blanket
You may recognise this 'blanket' - it's actually my scarf-shawl thing that I got from H&M for Christmas. I think I took this the morning after the 'no-clothes' social. I wasn't feeling particularly hungover, just a little grotty and tired - I later found out that I had a cold, so I blame it on that ;) 

Rowing Throwback
I was rooting through my old photos one day and I came across this one. This was taken by a profesh photographer at BUCS, which was our most successful and exciting race of last year. This is me and the lovely Ellie sat at bow pair, and I absolutely loved this race! If I could go back and relive it, I definitely would! 

Chilling with Marmite
It wouldn't be an Instagram Catch-Up without an appearance from Marmite. I think I was having a particularly down day when I took this - I think I was feeling ill as well - so a little hug went a long way to chilling me out and cheering me up a bit. What a cutie! 

Keeping Calm and Having a Cup of Tea 
I took this selfie on my break at work. I'd taken five minutes for a chillout and a cup of tea. On my phone I also now have a really funny little five second video where I thought I was taking a selfie, but I'd actually hit the video record button. Classic. 

Training Weekend Mementos
As I've mentioned a couple of times, I've had a really busy training weekend the last couple of days. We traveled down the road to another river to have a row on a longer river - and we worked out that over the two days we've rowed about 40,000 meters each - a lot compared to the 12,000 we can usually squeeze in on our river. 

It was great fun! But I always manage to come away with some sort of blister on my hand! And Saturday was so cold, and we all splashed each other so much, I'd been home for an hour and still hadn't warmed up. So I had my lovely relaxing bath :) Mmmm, mmm! 

Now I am exhausted! And I've got a spinning class and an erg session to build up some energy for, so I'm going to collapse into my bed and head off to the land of nod (is that the saying?). 

Night night, 

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