Having a Down Day


I've been having a few off days... well, an off week really. Don't worry, nothing's wrong... but I'm just having one of those moments when you feel all emotional for little reasons, sometimes I'm grumpy, sometimes I get the giggles, and sometimes I just want to burst into tears - and most of the time I can't even tell you why I feel that way. 

I would like to think of myself as a happy, smiley person most of the time, but I do get these down moments, when I just need a day off to sit down, treat myself and just get some TLC. I used to think I was a bit of a weirdo for getting these moments, but I've realised more and more that it's okay to have days like this, and that everyone else feels the same sometimes, it's completely normal. So I thought that I would share some of the things that I do to get myself through these days. I don't usually do all of these things in one hit, but I'll pick one or two that suit me and go with those.  

Treat yourself to a hot chocolate

I like to put a mug of milk in the microwave for three minutes, then spoon three scoops of Cadburys hot chocolate powder in and stir it in. Not only is it really yummy, but I find something comforting about holding a mug of hot chocolate. If I'm feeling extra down I might even pop some mini-marshmallows into the mix - just as long as it's not enough to give me a tummy ache as well.

Have a cry - let it out

If you feel like crying, cry. I'm one of those people who tries so hard to hold it in, but I've learnt that that's not always the best thing to do - I usually just end up bursting into tears at a completely inappropriate moment over nothing. If I feel really down, I'll sit in my room, play a sad song, and let it all out for a minute. I feel so much better afterwards, it feels like a weight off my shoulders. 

Message a friend

It's always really surprising how many people are there to talk to you if you need it. Just a simple message asking how someone's day is going or how they're feeling can set up a whole conversation and stop you feeling so alone on your down day. If this isn't enough, ask someone if they want to go for a coffee or have a catch up. You don't have to tell them how you're feeling, just the company can do a world of good. 

Ring your mum

This is a big one for me. Your mum is a great person to turn to, and she'll always listen. And the best thing is that no one knows you better that your mum, so she'll know exactly what you need to hear to make you feel better. 

Find something to distract you

I'll either listen to some happy tunes (this usually comes after I've gone through my 'let-it-all-out' stage) or watch some Pretty Little Liars or something. Another good one I'm using at the moment is The Walking Dead. It's so intense at the moment it's hard to not get lost in it. 

Make yourself a relaxing space

I cosy up on my bed, with my furry throw as a blanket, candles (of course), my hot water bottle, and doggy, my childhood toy. I just nest in this set up, watch a film, and give doggy a big cuddle... you're never too old for a cuddle from your fave toy. And, man, has doggy had some cuddles for different upsets over the years!

Use a spritz of lavender spray

I bought this from Avon to help me relax and sleep easy at night, and it's lovely. Apparently breathing in the scent of lavender can make you feel drowsy and it's been proven to make you feel all relaxed. So I give my pillow a squirt of my lavender spray and settle in for a de-stress. 

Dress nice even though you're feeling down

Even if you're not going out or doing anything, you'll feel so much better if you get up and get dressed. Do your make up, brush your hair, and it'll all feel like one less thing to worry about - not to be a stereotype, but I always feel so much better if I feel more confident about the way I look, and a little less useless too. 

Go for a bike ride

Different people recommend different things, but my go to is a bike ride. I'm so lucky living in Bournemouth, if I'm feeling stressed or down and just want to get out of the house I take my bike down to the beach, cycle towards Poole and Sandbanks. I find it relaxing, but it's also enough to make me push myself, so the stress gets taken out. 

Get a good night's sleep

Nothing will set you up for a good day tomorrow like a good night's sleep, and I'm sure you've heard that all before, but it's so true!

I hope these tips help you out the next time you're having a down day. I've learnt that it's okay to have a day out, you just have to learn what helps you deal with it best. This is my list, and if you have any tips as well I'd love to hear them. 

Take care, 

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