Happy 1st Birthday Katy Louise Blog!


Two birthdays in two days!

If you'd told me when I first posted a little photograph with a quote from Buddha, that I'd still be blogging a whole year later, I wouldn't have believed you at all! I'd started several blogs and I'd got bored of all of them and stopped after about two weeks. I have no idea why this one was different, but I'm so pleased with it. 

I celebrated with an eclair, my fave pudding, and a candle and a sparkle - which, by the way, I was terrified of. You can probably see the terror in my eyes...

64 posts later, more than 2300 views, and we're still going. And here's to many more posts, views, and years of blogging (hopefully!). Thank you for all the support and views, and I hope I can continue posting mildly interesting blog posts :)

Have a lovely weekend guys, 

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