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I've been a bit out of it this week, so much going on and a cold has slowed me down. So, when there's not a long going on and you don't have any inspiration, a little blog survey can come in super handy! I saw this on another blog (Peanut Butter Fingers) and love little things like this, so I thought I'd do it myself.

Five Places I'm Dying to Visit
It's hard to pick just five!

Chelsea and I had planned a girly holiday here, but we changed to Sardinia at the last minute. We had an amazing time in Sardinia, and I don't regret the decision at all, but I've still always wanted to go to Athens to see the ruins. 

Bora Bora
Who doesn't have Bora Bora on their bucket list? My dream is to stay in one of those little huts out in the sea, with a glass-bottomed seating area outside, and cool, white bed sheets. I don't ask for much ;)

I always said that I would finish uni and spend a year travelling on-and-off between working, but not sure that's a very realistic dream, money-wise. But I would still like to spend a month or so travelling and exploring Thailand. I know it's super cliche, but I'd like to go to the Leonardo DiCaprio beach from 'The Beach'. 

Cancun, Mexico.
This spurred from an evening on Pinterest. I found a lovely, sunny photo, with blue ocean and low white clouds, and was instantly inspired to add it to my bucket list. 

Canada has such lovely views and landscapes, and I'd love to grab a rucksack, my camera and have a little explore in the nature of it. 

Five Foods I Eat Everyday

Chicken is so cheap as a meat, and there's so much you can do with it. My current favourite is Honey and Sesame Seed Chicken with rice, which is a Lean in 15 Meal from Joe Wicks.  

Because I always feel like I need a treat after training...and after dinner... and when I get to work. Basically, chocolate is on my everyday list :D 

Granny Smith Apple
My go to for a lunch time health kick.

I always have some sort of potato with most of my meals (except when I'm having a pasta dish), whether it's mash, chips, wedges, or just plain old spuds with a bit of butter on top!

Okay, so this is not technically food, but it's something that I have everyday, so I thought I'd sneak it on the list. 

Five Talents I Wish I Had

Journalism Skills
I love my Events Management course, but a part of me always half wishes I'd gone down the journalism route. But, hey ho! 

I studied photography at college, but I wish I had more talent with it.  
Again, my photo shop skills are very basic. Like, no joke, I can change a photo to black and white, and usually adjust the brightness, but other than that I'm stumped.  
I consider myself to be quite fit and healthy, I train for rowing at least once a day. But running is a completely different story! I run to the end of my road and I'm out of breath. 

Don't surfers look so chill and cool when they're riding the waves.

Five Food Bloggers I Wish Could Cook for me Every Day

Joe Wicks - Lean in 15
I've bought his book and tried several of his recipes from his instagram page, and I really wish he could come over and cook for me.

Madeline Shaw
Her 'Get the Glow' recipes are so colourful and delicious looking.

The Pioneer Woman
I used to look at her blog daily and mouth-water over her recipes. I watched her show on the cookery channel today, and she made the most delicious looking salad and strawberry ice-cream (that's two seperate recipes, obviously, haha).

Love and Lemons
I'm a fan of this blog, the recipes are so filling and yummy.

The Clever Carrot
'Healthy Comfort Food' is right!

Five Instagram Accounts I Love

This is Alanna Masterson's account, who plays Tara in the Walking Dead. I love her account, it has a retro feel to it, and super inspires me to work harder on my own photos... and have a good time!

This is Freya Dowson, I have no idea how I found her Instagram account, or when. She takes really relaxed and inspired photos.

This is Alexandra Taylor, please check out her account, it's amazing! Most of her photos are of scenes and landscapes, and she does that amazing thing where she makes a road look like it could pull you in to the photo, just because you want to see what's at the end of it.

The framing on all these photos is so effective, and the account, just from looking at it as one, looks really clean and minimal. And I'm a sucker for beach photography.

There had to be a cat-related account on this list somewhere! This cat looks so angry it's cute! And I love this account, because it's a mixture of cute, professional photography, and funny memes. 

Five Things I Wear Almost Every Day

My Brown Leather Skirt
Since I've bought it I've managed to team it with pretty much anything to make it work for pretty much any occassion.

My navy and white stripey jumper
When I first bought this I wore it everyday for a week. My work buddy had to have a word...

Lycra All-In-Onesie
My rowing gear. It has a slightly padded bum on it, so it's the most comfy thing to erg in.

My Pink Nike Trainers
I bought these in my second year of uni when I started rowing. It took me so long to choose these ones, I had no idea what to look for in a pair of trainers, and I almost sort of panic bought them. I am literally in love with them now though, best choice I ever made!

Primark Slipper Socks
I bought these to use at a rower race and wear inside my wellies, and now I wear them everyday. They're so snug, I highly recommend if you're living in a chilly student house, like me. 

Five Songs I Listen to On Repeat (at the moment)

Y.A.L.A by M.I.A
Perfect workout song! I like to use this one for spinning, it has such a funky beat.

Roses by The Chainsmokers
I Shazam-med this song at a house party, woke up the next morning, and have been listening to it ever since.

Bubblegum by Mystery Jets
This is a cute song, I like this one a lot. This is a nice little driving tune.

It's You by Duck Sauce
Another funky workout song, good beat to run along to.

Run Away With Me by Carly Rae Jepson
I'm not usually a huge fan of Carly Rae Jepson, but this song is lovely. I have a little boogie in my car to this song when it comes on.

Five Beauty Products I Use Everyday

Lush Charity Pot
I use this as night cream. This winter I've been getting really dry skin around my nose, and this cleared it right up.
VO5 Hairspray
I can't remember what it's called, but it smells AMAZING! My everyday hair routine is; sleep with it tied in a loose bun, undo the bun, spray it with a whole load of this hairspray, and voila!

Collection Liquid Eyeliner
Of all the makeup I use on a daily basis, my Collection Liquid eyeliner is the one I couldn't live without. It took me so long to work up the courage (and skill-ish) to make the move from pencil eyeliner to liquid eyeliner, but it's so worth the risk!

Barry M Nail Varnish
But not in the way you would think.... Basically, my student room is a decent size, but there's a lot of furniture crammed into it, meaning that I can't really use my camera tripod. So, my current set up is to turn my recycling bin upside down on my desk, prop the camera on it, and then use the Barry M nail varnish to position the lens so it's pointing in just the right place. Bizarre, I know, and I'll try to share it with you one day, because it is quite amusing.

Lip Balm
I have no idea what make it is, but I smother a load of it over my lips at night in an attempt to stop them going all dry and peely in the morning. Honestly, with my shiny face cream and greasy-looking lips, it's lucky I don't have to share my bed with anyone! 

Five Movies I Can Watch on Repeat

I'm not a very romantic person, and romantic movies usually either make me angry or make me cry, so Bridesmaids is perfect for a person like me.

Fight Club
My favourite film of all time, I love the mind-blow involved in this. Please watch this, please please please :)

This film means a lot to me when I watch it, because something always seems to happen, good or bad. I watched this film when a boy I liked was moving out of the country, and the Take That song broke me. Then I watched it again when I realised that I might actually mean more than I thought to someone I cared a lot about. Anyway, enough of the gushy nonsense, I love Robert DeNiro in this alone!

The Beach
This is a film that I came away from feeling like I'd learnt a valuable lesson. And I got to watch Leo while I learnt that lesson, so everyone's a winner!

When Harry Met Sally
Just enough room to squeeze a classic on to this list. I was torn between this one and Breakfast at Tiffany's, but I think this is the right choice. 

Five Books Currently on my Reading List

Live and Let Die
I'm working my way through the second James Bond book at the moment. I read Casino Royale and really enjoyed it, so I'm hoping I'll enjoy this one too - I'm about three pages in at the moment.

This will always be on my reading list, it's my favourite book ever. I read this for the first time while I was on a family holiday, and they couldn't get any sense out of me for three days until I'd finished it.
Get the Glow
This is technically a cook book, from Madeline Shaw, but there's some really useful tips in there too. My favourite tips are how to deal with hangovers, which is something every student should be reading!

Event Management for Dummies
Okay, so I'm not really reading this as such, but it's always handy to have at arms reach, just in case of dire situations.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark
Again, not really on my current reading list, but this will always be a favourite of mine. It's a little children's story about a baby owl who is afraid of the dark, so throughout the book he meets lot's of different people who tell him all the plus sides of coming out in the dark. It's so cute, and is one of the first more grown-up books that I read with my mum.

Five Random Things I Ate Yesterday

Leftover Spaghetti Bolognese
I had this spag bol on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Typical student living right there.
Malteaser Bunny
My favourite thing about Easter is the little chocolate bunnies. I've already cracked into mine!

Can of Pina Colada  
Surprisingly nice, and not very alcoholic, so was a lovely little treat to have in the evening while I watched old episodes of Dad's Army.

Chocolate Wafer Roll
Eaten with a cup of tea and a catchup.

Spiced Potato Wedges
I hadn't had potato wedges that weren't from Dominoes in years! Such a treat.

And that's a few things about me in the Five survey. I'm giving it a real burst to kick this cold out of me this week, so I can get back on with regular blogging. I look so grim at the moment, a selfie would scare everyone away!

Wish me luck,

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